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My Muse Came Back

Isn’t it funny the things that slowly seep into your head and inspire you to do the things you’ve been meaning to do but just haven’t done? I know I probably sound like I’m talking in code but I’m not, not entirely. As many know I’m a writer dreaming to publish her books, in the last few years I put them inside a drawer and stopped writing them. Even though stories come into my mind from time to time I ignore them.

The MUSE is back and it won’t leave me alone, instead it visits me when I sleep and throughout the day. So it looks like for a while I’ll be trying my hand back at it. I really miss writing my stories and poetry so this could be a pleasant change, or a scary one since I tend to write thriller stories.

I’m also noticing more I’m reading more books once again just to get to that magical side of a writer’s life and movies about writers: The Muse (trying to find it), Alex & Emma and many others. Thankfully the kids are enjoying my adventure back since it means we are all brainstorming ideas . Have you been struck by a writer bug or some other hobby?

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