The Life of a Home Mom

8 Facts about me

I know I’ve been hit for this meme before and I just can’t recall who tossed it my way. But here goes….

1 I have a frog thing, any time I see a bunch of frogs (in a store) I have to buy one of them. It doesn’t matter if it is a small stuffed frog, a large stuffed frog or stickers. Something comes home with me. Oh and I have a tattoo of a frog in a jester’s outfit on my right shoulder blade.

2 I am the mother of FOUR children, for some reason bloggers always think I only have three. (haha probably my blog URL) I have two boys and two girls, the girls are the middle. Course to make them feel good I say I don’t have any middle children, instead I have 2 firsts and 2 babies. (ie, BabyGirl and Little A)

3 As a child I always wanted to be a prosecuting attorney, this way I could put away the scum that hurt little children. I still want to do this, but it’ll probably be once the children are grown.

4 There was a time that I never thought I’d have children, couldn’t picture myself as a mom. Now I couldn’t picture life without my children.

5 I have four siblings, three sisters and a brother.

6 I feel guilty for reading a book in a few hours. Why? Because I know how long it takes to write one and then the whole process of getting it into print.

7 I was an interviewer (online) first before I was a blogger. The first person I interviewed was Carolyn Howard-Johnson.

8 I have become a HUGE fan of Mater from CARS, in fact I have his poster right here hanging in my office beside my computer. Hey, we can’t all have nude photos of men hanging in our rooms, the children may see them. 🙂

Okay if you want to do this feel free, but I’m not tagging anyone as I couldn’t remember who tagged me.

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