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Fun Crafts for Girls

Disclosure: We were sent this product to review, other than that no money was ever transferred. If you click on the links you might make me a few pennies. I’d love a cup of coffee.

Zizzle sent us a few of their wonderful craft supplies for girls, while they may not call them crafts we certainly do. First we got the SPOTZ machine, along with two Spotz Kits. Now the Spotz are geared more towards Tweens, but let me tell ya the younger kids love them just as much.

Spotz Creator Machine

I was afraid of the machine when I first took it out of the box. I thought, “Oh boy, they’ll never figure this out.” But I quickly looked over the sheet and realized how easy it was.

1 Choose a picture and cut it out (it’s precut for ya, just pull apart)
2 Punch it out. (push it into the machine and push down on the purple lever)
3 Slide the cut out part into the small button area and twist the lever.

The button, aka Jotz, will slide out of the machine and you’ve got yourself a Jotz. There are several places for you to place your button, the top lever, the side and you can even light them up to see what you like best. Below are two drawers to carry all your images and plastic pieces.

This one even comes with the translucent paper, colored plastic frames and images to make your buttons. Course you will need batteries, but that isn’t much to keep your little ones happy. But ya might want to stock up on the translucent paper.

Spotz Messenger Bag (BabyGirl)

This one was claimed by BabyGirl the moment she saw it in the box. “Oh Mom, I get my own purse!” The machine was easy enough that she did all her buttons with very little help and was quickly on her way to designing her very own purse. She loved adding all the animal buttons to her purse and hiding money on the inside. There are 12 pockets on the outside which they can place their favorite buttons, which of course I’ve already explained which ones she choose. There’s also a clip onz that has a light up one at the top. She loves that in the dark she can light it up.

Spotz Design N’ Write Board (BalletGirl)
“I get to write secrets to my mom before I go to bed.”- BalletGirl

When I asked her what she thought of the Spotz Board she replied, “It’s super easy and super fun.” Course I wanted to know how easy it was to change up the buttons and she explained she just uses her finger to remove them. But you can’t switch the pictures that are already in the button.

Comes with its own dry erase pen and a storage spot for pen and eraser. Yes, there is a small clip that’ll keep track of it all. The back of the board even has a small hole so you can hang it on your bedroom door/wall. My girls have been leaving little messages for me before they leave to school, so in the afternoon they get an “I love you” one from me, or a “clean your room.”

The best thing is when you run out of your own accessories that come with it you can go online to the Spotz page and download and print more. As you can probably tell, we LOVED these crafts and they’ll be with us for a very long time. The girls have already told me they want the Flower Frame and Doorbell next. This is one product that’ll be on their Christmas Lists for the relatives this year, and something I think will continue to be on for at least another two years.

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