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Weekend of Scrabble & Sickness

Seems that BabyGirl may actually be allergic to spaghetti sauce. How did we figure this out? Well after dinner she normally turns in and for two nights she woke up to a sick tummy and ended up beside the toilet. I know you moms get that. But on Saturday I was feeling a bit quesy, so much that my body was burning up and I had the tummy flipping going on. We figured she either got this or can no longer have sauce. Last night we gave her soup instead, no pasta, no sauce. She hasn’t got sick yet. My tummy seems better, wondering if it wasn’t some sort of bug or if it was the fish sandwich I ate at McDonald’s (very possible) Will keep ya updated on BabyGirl’s process.

As for everyone else, we stayed home and played LOTS of Scrabble. At first it was Soccerboy, Daddy and myself. Later, BalletGirl would join us and finally it would be BabyGirl as she curled up inside my lap. I think she just wanted to snuggle and I love those snuggles.

As for Little A, he’s learned to open the screen so we now keep the glass door locked since he needs strong hands to open that. UGH. This kid is really smart and persistent. He’s the type that will watch you do something and immediately try it out once you are out of the room. He’s still taking his diaper off and even pooped in the potty this weekend. His potty chair should be here this week, I ordered it through amazon last week. Here’s a pic of it, if you have one please let me know what ya think:

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