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Last Day of School

Of course what better way to celebrate the last day of school then for mom to have a ton of deadlines. But I did finish and it is free time. Course the kids just want to veg in front of the tv and watch movies. haha. Figures right?

Tonight we’ll watch 4 movies, ending with scary and eat popcorn and cookies. I’ve also baked a cake since it is the last day and all. What do you do to celebrate the last day of school?

Lets take a peek at grades:

SoccerBoy has improved or stayed the same in every subject.
Math assessment went from a 72 to a 91%
Science Assessment went from 82 to a 90%
Social Studies went from a 79 to a 92%

As for his reading, which ya’ll know he struggled with he is now at grade level and is loving to read. So of course this summer his own goal is o read 1000 pages. Some type of contest they have at the school. Actually the school allowed every student to check out a total of 10 books each for the summer. WOW! I love this school.

Ballet Girl has stayed pretty much the same since she came here. Her biggest issue with the transition is she wasn’t the key helper and got in trouble a bit for talking and helping others. She doesn’t yet get she can’t do that here. Oh and she’s discovered what a “crush” is. As for her reading, she was almost (by a few points) a year above her reading level. I figure she’ll be over it by the end of the summer.

I’m very happy with both kids and I know they’ll love the summer. Oh and for those that have already been reading my blog you should know that just because it is summer does NOT mean they’ll stop learning. We’ve already made our first goal list for week one. More on that next time.

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