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The b5media Lifestyles Channel is having a little theme this month called, “Where I blog.” So I thought it would be fun to see and hear where I blog.

Currently my workstation is a TV dinner tray that my laptop sits on top of, which also means I can go upstairs and downstairs, inside and outside of the house. Now with all that being stated, I’m hoping by Christmas I have my own office in the downstairs, complete with desk (not tray) and a faster laptop.

The post about the kids playing in the toy room I actually sat downstairs in front of the stairs so I could keep an eye on the two children. As you can see, they’ve got plenty of toys to keep them busy for a long time. Don’t think they are spoiled by us either, these are toys we’ve kept from over the years. (there are four kids in the family)
This weekend I blogged while sitting on the balcony while my son enj oyed the fresh outdoors inside his playpen. Later they’d all camp out and I would sit on at the dining room table and blog from there. Okay daddy was out there and the youngest asleep in the house in his crib but I’m still mommy and will watch over the young. I just blamed it on blogging, hubby knew the truth.

As I type this I have a tent (small one) set up in the living room that the kids have now decided is their bedroom as they watch tv. The youngest is nursing and I can hear “Word World” in the background. I am typing once again on the laptop with the dinner tray but I’m relaxed on my soft, soft couch.

Where do you blog from? I know everyone has a special spot.
(originally wrote for Blisstree Tuesday, April 29, 2008 – 7:36 pm ET but found it’s way home)

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