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Under Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Blisstree hurt many when they were fired (terminated) earlier this month without notice, “effective immediately” is what the termination letter had stated. Now for me this wasn’t a first and I must admit at least we got an email notice instead of trying to log into our accounts, getting locked out of forums and getting unanswered phone calls when 451press decided to close their doors. So I’ll give them that, the only thing I think hurt the most was….

For months we’d been losing writers for one reason or another (they were downsizing), but they still told us everything was okay and that Blisstree was fine. Truth was it was doing fine, they’d just been hiring behind our backs. Hey, why not give everyone a bit of a warning so they could find OTHER jobs? Well that question will never be answered, but I think if they had done just that little bit of honesty, so many would not HATE Blisstree or b5media now. Then today I hear they relaunched (sorry not giving links ya’ll know the site if you want to find it) but in their relaunch they stated this: 

Blisstree is a re-launch of an existing b5 property that was essentially an aggregator.

OUCH! Talk about a slam in the face since we were all very loving to our blogs, got information from other sources sure (all blogs do), added our emotions to it (even when we were told to stop) and shared some stories of ourselves and families. Aggregator? I never thought it was. Anyways many of us saw a silver lining, even today with the new launch. What did we do? We formed our group, we formed our sites and are still writing.


I found I’d been quoted or linked for the work I’d been doing on Blisstree (to all those that linked me thank you, I never knew):

Does Sparing the Rod Spoil the Child

I came across an interesting article by Eliza Ferree (2009) at the website, entitled Does Spanking Cause Lower IQs? In this article, the author discusses a study showing an association between spanking and IQ were explored. According to a study involving hundreds of US children, spanking was associated with lower IQ. The more children were spanked, the lower was their IQ. Of course, a correlation of two variables does not mean that one variable caused the other. It is possible that both variables are caused by a third one. The comments thread is interesting to read as many readers cite the experience of having been spanked and being OK as if it were evidence that over-turns the evidence of actual research on hundreds of children with controls. The view that anecdotes are stronger evidence than well controlled studies is remarkable.

Another person linked me in a post that was talking about Baby Gabriel Johnson (who is still missing today):
New Info in the Gabriel Johnson Case
February 15, 2010 by Eliza Ferree

New info is coming out every day in the case of Missing Gabriel Johnson, which makes one really wonder if he really is still alive.
I will continue to do these type of posts, but they will now be up at Babies In the News. (

Adice wrote: Eliza Ferree has an excellent article, Who Is Making Our Kids Fat? in which she explores the “blame game.” Here everyone blames the other…parents, schools, restaurants, etc.  (I must say that was a fun one and once I get my export it’ll be loaded here.)
I was also listed as one of the Top 50 Mommy Bloggers. So the silver lining is people were quoting me even when I didn’t know it and the PR people still want to work with ME even though I no longer work for b5media. Talk about feeling special. In other news I actually have readers at my new blogs, which was a huge shock because I didn’t think I’d have any for a while. Woo hoo!!
Yes, Blisstree may have let us go, but it opened our eyes to work for ourselves and have belief in our own abilities.

New blogs:
Tom Cruise Watch
Babies In the News

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  1. Michelle Hamor Smith says:

    The women who wrote about the relaunch, called it an aggregator, she obviously did not know what the word meant. Just feel sorry for her because she is ignorant. Poor b5 hired a dumbass to "tear down" and "rebuild" their properties. That was smart.

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