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Mom, You Make Us Eat Poop?

Sometimes it is nice to look back into the past and see the memories. I love that Facebook does this and now I’m going to touch on it a bit. Before you think it no I never fed my kids poop. I love how kids say the strangest things.


Yesterday BabyGirl came up with the strangest thought:

“Mom, why do we put cow poop on our plants?”

Yes, she overheard us talk about manure and asked what it was, from there she realized manure was cow poop. Gross.

“Umm, because it helps stuff grow.” Thinking she’d drop it now I went back to my research.

“Ewwwww, that means my tomatoes come from poop?”

Looking a bit confused, “No, honey. Tomatoes come from seeds.”

“But mom you put poop over my seeds! You make me eat poop!”

Yeah and just how do I clear this one up? I did try telling her it doesn’t grow in it because it comes out of it and is formed through the leaves. Now she says she’ll never eat potatoes because those don’t come out, they stay in it.

2 thoughts on “Mom, You Make Us Eat Poop?

  1. Haha. Kids say the funniest things! She does make a good point though. It is kind of gross when you think about it.

  2. shelly peterson says:

    LOL, oh my goodness, kids sure do say the funniest things sometimes. and once they get something in their head it’s there to stay.

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