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Princesses Do Wear Glasses and So Can You

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princesses do wear glasses




Yes, Princesses Wear Glasses!

Yes, Princesses wear glasses and so can you was all about my little girl and how she discovered that the beauty really is inside you.  

With school upon us many are getting those scares of starting school. Some are worrying they won’t have any friends, others want to have the cool clothes while some are afraid of their brand new braces or glasses.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, that first time you get a pair of glasses you worry about how they will make you look and what others will think.

Girls are Pretty with Glasses

Remember that little girls, young and old worry about their looks.  They always want to be a Princess.

Princesses  do wear glasses and so can you because you will discover not only what happened to my little girl but a list of a few Princesses that actually did wear glasses.

Princesses Do Wear Glasses!

My little girl was only 6 when she started Kindergarten but just before it she would find out she needed glasses. Out of three kids she was the only one that needed them and I wish I could say I was more prepared on how she would deal with it, but I wasn’t, so I’m here to hopefully help you out.


Your Little Girl’s first Pair of Glasses

This would be her very first pair and while she was thrilled to get something new and was proud showing them off to her family it all went downhill the following morning.

Why? Princesses that is why. Now I’m not saying anything mean about them but come on don’t we all dream of becoming a princess when we are little girls? Chances are your mom or dad even called you a princess growing up, I know that was her nickname.

Could She still be a Princess in Glasses?

That morning she was running around the house when she suddenly stopped, everything got quiet and she walked up to me and said, “Mommy, I can’t be a Princess anymore. Princesses don’t wear glasses.”

I could see she was hurting and her eyes looked very serious and about to tear up. I looked back into those dark brown eyes and replied, “Yes you can, I’m sure there is a princess that does. Yes, Princesses wear glasses, I’m sure of it. ”

Name a Princess that Wears Glasses

Her response was, “No, there isn’t. Can you find one?” Immediately I knew I’d be on a quest, I mean what mom wants to see their child stop pretending to be a Princess?  I know I never did and I never wanted her to think her looks could ever prevent her from being one. I had to find Princesses that wore glasses.

Was there ever a Disney Princess or a Princess that wore glasses? Here’s what I found out by asking around the net and doing a bit of research. Yes, parents will go out there and search for things to help their little princesses smile again. We don’t want to see those sad faces.

Princesses that Wore Glasses:

–  Belle (in Beauty in the Beast) was a princess wearing glasses in one scene (I think it is the one where she reads a book.)
–  Princess Maxima (The Dutch Crown Princess) wears them, it even made headlines when she did.
–  The Princess Diaries
–  Snow White wore glasses whenever she would read. You didn’t always catch her in them but she did.
– Queen Elsa in Frozen wears glasses too and we all love her.
– Rapunzel in Tangled wears glasses a few times.

Other items you may like:

Do you know any others?  Do princesses wear glasses?  I’d love to add to this list for our daughters.

Find Movies where the Heroine Wears Glasses

Want to do something fun with her? Go search out these movies once she says it and watch them together. Point out every time you see one of them wearing glasses.

Maybe the two of you can make a play date by dressing up like them. Only she can be the princess though because she has glasses. (mine always got a kick out of that) Don’t forget to make crafts such as pipe cleaner glasses or draw a big pair of glasses on construction paper and have her color them in or put stickers all over them.

This is an affiliate link if you click and purchase I will make a little bit of money.
There is a book called “Princess Peepers” that has a princess wearing glasses. 

There is also movie called, “Hope Floats” that has a little girl, Bernice, that wears glasses and she’s adorable.  For little girls that love Power Puff Girls you may want to remind them that Bubbles wears glasses.  For those that love comedians there is always the very famous, Tina Fey.

There ya have it folks, when your daughter looks at you with tears in her eyes getting ready to spill out you can smile and say, “Yes sweetie, Princesses do wear glasses and here are some of them. You are still a princess whether you were glasses or not. That will never change.

Bottom line is she wants to know she is beautiful. Encourage her, let her know there is nothing to fear and she is still the same person she was. Plus now she could see the world better than she ever did before.

P.S. I wanted to add here that my little girl did end up not having to wear them a few years later. Boy did she try to lose them before that though.

She was clever about where she hid them too because it would take me an entire school year to find the lost pair, which yes we had already replaced. Hopefully this post will help you out and I may just have a few more for those times she can’t find them.

Princesses do wear glasses! Yours do at least.

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6 thoughts on “Princesses Do Wear Glasses and So Can You

  1. This broke my heart to read. I hate it when our little beauties don’t feel beautiful because they think they are different. I’m so glad you took the time to show her that princesses DO wear glasses! That will be something she will always remember, I’m sure!!

    Amber |

  2. This is the cutest post I’ve read in a long time! And your daughter looks adorable in glasses too.

  3. What a fun thought. I love princesses so I will be thinking about any additional ones you may have missed. Suoer cute post!

  4. Please feel free to come back here or my Facebook page and let me know of other Princesses you have come up with that wore glasses.

  5. Thank you Andrew. I had this in draft and just thought it was time to revive it. I thought she looked cute in them but boy we’d have a hard time keeping them on her. She hid them every chance she got.

  6. It broke my heart to see her like that. Her big brother and I went online searching for princesses that wore glasses. I must say Barbie came to the rescue with that too. One of the ladies in PR had read my original post and sent us a care package with a professional Barbie wearing glasses, a tote bag, etc. She loved that doll.

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