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Bringing the Holidays Home

Okay, it’s officially winter and I don’t care if anyone wants to argue it with me. We had our first sighting of snow, yes it actually snowed Sunday Night and blanketed the grounded, ever so lightly with snow on Monday morning. Even SoccerBoy went to Facebook and hoped/wished that they could have a snow day, course I was really hoping for NO SNOW DAY as I’ve been sick and trying to get caught up. Thankfully they had school, it would sprinkle snow off and on all day. Now it is simply cold and a chill is in the air.

So what goes with a chill in the air? Chili of course and I’ve never made any but finally decided I’d try my hand at it. My first experience was making White Chili beans and I think they turned out great, but it was a bit too spicy for the kids and hubby so next time I’ll do less chilis. Yes, I used fresh chilis and I did 1 1/2 cups full as the Paula Dean recipe called for. But now I’m confident that I can make any chili and will try my hand at others that aren’t so spicy. Course I know now that if I wanted to sign up for a chili cook off I could do it for the spicy type. hehe. But now I have a huge pot and only me to eat it.

We brought the Christmas tree up last night, now to decorate it and put up the lights. Kids are going to freak, we bought a few gifts already and I’m debating on putting them under the tree or waiting. I know we aren’t the type that make the kids wait, that’s why we begin opening gifts 5 days before Christmas, it just happened with SoccerBoy and we kept the tradition.

How do you bring the holidays home before they are here? Oh we are eating lots of pumpkin pie and apple crumb pie already too, with lots of cool whip. YUMMY.

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