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A Plumm Summer Movie Review

Disclosure: While I absolutely love this movie and recommend it to all, there are affiliate links. If you click the links I might make a couple pennies.

A Plumm Summer is a great family movie that I give an A+ for. It’ll keep you in your seats, worrying at what will happen next.

Why such a high score? Okay, first this movie is great for the younger kids, my daughters loved it. For them it was a movie about a puppet that goes missing at an event and the entire town begins searching for Froggy Doo. Many young children, especially 5-year-old Rocky believes he is a real frog living in the pumpkin patch. So, when he goes missing he expects his teen brother, Elliot, to find him.

My son, who’s just entering that preteen stage, by this I mean he’s really starting to look at girls and gets the whole, “I like her” feeling loved the movie. Not only did he get to try to figure out who did it and where Froggy Doo went but watch as a boy tried to impress a girl.

For us adults, A Plumm Summer is another meaning in the movie as we watch the parents struggle through a hardship and try to figure out life. For myself, my family is going through an addiction of sorts, while it may not be alcohol it shows tough situations that some go through and watch as this mom tries helping her husband but finally standing up for her kids.

Don’t think this is just a comedy or a family (happy) movie. This movie will make your tears flow, even if you aren’t much for crying. By the time this movie ended there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. We cheered on the threesome (Elliot, Rocky and Haley) will begin a search for Froggy Doo. The three hang out at Herb (Henry Winkler) and Vic’s house while they investigate, getting to know Herb more.

For SoccerBoy he loves it as he is currently reading a series of books written by Henry Winkler. But he also loved comparing the movie to life. I really do hope you’ll go watch this movie, it’s become a favorite in our house, in fact the kids watch it once every other day. Now I just need to find my own Froggy Doo. Are there any out there?

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