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5 Ways to Pop a Clogged Ear

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Clogged Ear
Learn 5 ways to pop a clogged ear

Help My Hearing is Going

As some of you know I’ve been sick since January when I was diagnosed (using a CT Scan) with pneumonia. Since that time I’ve stayed sick with one thing or another. I came down with bronchitis, strep throat, laryngitis and now apparently I have allergies. To be honest I think I have a sinus infection because my entire face feels swollen and now I can’t hear (literally) out of my right ear. It started with low hearing, kind of like the way things go quiet when you go under water.

pneumonia made my ears clogged

(In the picture you can see my face is red/pink and getting swollen/puffy)

It Feels Like It’s Going to POP

It grew into feeling like the pressure of needing to pop. Most would think I just went on a plane or something or yawned and need to do it again, this does NOT work for me. For those that do not know, as a child my ear drum burst due to an ear infection. In my mid 20s it would happen again. This time my doctor says there is no sign of an ear infection and my ears are clear, no wax. As two weeks has passed since I’ve been to the doctor I have lost all hearing in that ear, minus the buzzing sound that happens every once in a while. The doctor has no concern over the loss of hearing but if you are anything like me you’ll know it is something that bugs a person. I went online to look for ways to pop my ear.

5 Ways to Pop Your Ear

  • Plug your nose and blow out your ears. Do NOT do this too much or too hard because you can actually damage your ears.
  • Yawn to pop ears. If you can’t yawn, open your mouth to the “o” position and think of yawning.
  • Chew gum to pop your ears: There is something about moving your jaw back and forth can loosen the air that is trapped inside. If you don’t have gum that’s okay, you can pretend to stick a piece in your mouth and chew, it will still do the trick.
  • Jump in a bath: Go into a bath and soak into warm water for a few minutes. Move your jaw open and closed a few times, try swallowing hard to see if it will pop. Make sure to drain your ear of the water.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide to pop a clogged ear: Dilute a bit of peroxide and put a drop in your ear. It’ll bubble up, turn your head to drain your ear. This should help dislodge anything in it and open up your ears.

Go to the Doctors Again!

If you are like me, none of these worked. Time to get to your local doctor and see what they suggest. For me, mine told me I would just have to wait. Yeah, no one likes to hear this. Am I right? I’ll wait two weeks and get a second opinion since by then it’ll be a month of no hearing. I have read some experienced this for months after they were sick and it eventually pops itself. Others have used the netipot, I have not used one but hear they work great but look disgusting as you are doing them since all your snot comes pouring out.

Neti Pot helps

Have you gone through this or are going through this? What has worked for you? I’d love to hear suggestions.

Disclosure: I’m no doctor so the things in this post were things I’ve actually tried and so far they haven’t worked for me but I’ve read they worked for others. I still have one ear that pops but I have little sound coming through.


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