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5 Earth Scriptures to Focus on For Earth Day

As we approach Earth Day (April 22nd) we can’t help but think of our world and what all God has done with it. I’ll highlight a few Earth scriptures and how we can use them on Earth day to focus on God. From the very beginning of time, the bible opens right up from the garden.

Earth Day Starts in the Garden

The garden is the place where you can go for quiet time (just as Jesus would when he’d pray to God over the people) and think about everything going on around you. A place you can seek guidance and see beauty.

The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. Genesis 2:15 NIV

People were already supposed to work the earth. We were meant to till it, plant seeds, and reap from our labor. It is no wonder many of us enjoy gardening. For myself, I love to get my hands in the dirt and watch things grow. I may not be able to do it from seeds but I can do it from seedlings. This is a place where I feel at peace.

So often we go through our own pain and forget we can go to God and ask him for help. We either think we can’t be heard by God, or don’t think to pray our problems out to God. Sometimes we even try to fix it ourselves. When you are sitting there in your garden. Go to your Father in prayer, let him know what’s going on in your life and listen to everything around you. Be at peace.

This week take some time in the garden and pray to God, not just about yourself but those around you.

Adam and Eve used to walk with God in the Garden of Eden, (Genesis 3) this tells me this was a place to communicate, walk and just enjoy each other’s company. Get out in the garden this week with your family and enjoy each other, plant in it and sit back and enjoy the beauty of your work.

If you don’t have a garden, go for a nature walk and look at the world around you. Tune in to everything from the beauty, sounds of nature and to your thoughts. Thank God for everything.

bible verse Genesis 2:15

Garden of Gethsemane shows us to Pray

Gardens weren’t just for beauty, sometimes Jesus would go for thought but others would be for his own despair. In the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus drops to his knees and prays. This shows us that God can see us anywhere and in our deepest pain he will be there. He hears you.

Going a little farther, he fell with his face to the ground and prayed. – Matthew 26:39

Jesus goes to the garden and prays out to God. He begs him not to have to go through this pain he’s about to face but finally, he accepts it and tells him if it is the only way he’ll do it. Matthew 26:36-42 I can’t even imagine the pain and fear he was feeling inside, knowing everything he knew. To be in such distress, but dropping to his knees and praying.

Bible Verse Matthew 26:39

Working the Earth, Reaps Rewards

God has shown us that the fruit of our labors won’t be just given to us but earned. We must work for what we have. Just because you throw some seeds into the ground and walk away doesn’t mean it’ll grow.

He makes grass to grow for the cattle, and plants for people to cultivate – bringing forth food from the earth: – Psalm 104:14

He states people must cultivate. You have to dig the hole (till the soil), water it daily, and care for it. Later you’ll have to pluck it, wash it, and eat it. If you don’t do these things it may not even grow and if it does grow it could die for the lack of water.

Think back to Joseph and how they had to work the wheat to have a surplus of grain to feed everyone. Scripture explains, when we have worked we will be blessed with the rewards of our labor.

Bible verse Psalm 128:2

The Lord has given us the Earth, this means we must take care of it. If we see something on the ground that could pollute our earth pick it up and dispose of it. We have to watch after the earth and everything that goes with it from the air, land, water, and animals or it’ll run out and we’ll have nothing left.

Yes, the earth will be renewed later (Revelation 21:1) on but until then it is our gift from God. We are expected to take care of the gifts we are given. When someone gives you an animal as a gift you have a responsibility to it. You make sure to feed the animal, clean it and keep it safe. Why would this be any different?

bible verse Psalm 115:16

What are some Earth Day Scriptures that ring out to you that I don’t have listed here? I’d love to read some more if you’d like to share with us your thoughts on them.

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Enjoy the Earth this week! It really was an amazing gift from our father.

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