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Settling Into the Hotel

Well it is official, we have handed over the keys and are now settling nicely into our hotel room. I must admit I’ll be much happier to have my own place and bed to relax in, where I can cook our meals and not eat out, etc. We move into the house some time around the 24th so not August 1st like we originally thought.  Phew!

While we showed up at the “old house” for a few days, the days we got there before 5 a.m. the kids and I would eat over at IHOP since it is only about 3 blocks away. It is a nice walk in the morning and slowly wakes everyone up. The first day we did it Little A found a hurt bird that we couldn’t help. Boy did that make me feel awful, thankfully later he saw a black bird and thought it was the same one so we told him she got better. Yes I lied, but it was for a good reason. Ever done that? I’m sure ya have. Kids enjoyed their morning trips to IHOP but once we got back it was always a day full of cleaning.

Course the day we worked a ton the hubby treated us to Baskin Robbins (he had to work so couldn’t really help out).  The girls got to see the new Build-a-Bear Baskin Robbins teddy bears that weren’t being sold quite yet but will be now. BalletGirl has a birthday next week and knows it’ll be in hotels so can’t do anything, she’s requested only one thing….the pink and blue Baskin Robbins Build-a-Bear. Figures right? BabyGirl’s is in August but so far she hasn’t told me what she wants. Aren’t the bears cute? Here’s some pictures of the kids at Baskin Robbins as well.

Currently all we are doing is relaxing in the hotel, yesterday the kids and I took a dip in the pool. This morning we walked down to Perkins Restaurant for Breakfast but other than that we are laying on the beds and watching tv. You did know that we haven’t had cable for 2 years right? So I guess they are catching up, but we did buy tons.

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  1. It sounds like y’all are making a fun time of it while staying in the hotel! That bear is so cute!

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