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Lady Antebellum at Klipsch Music Center

This past Sunday, June 24, the hubby and I went to the Lady Antebellum Concert in Noblesville Indiana at the Klipsch Music Center. He recently purchased tickets for me to celebrate our 16 year anniversary, for those that know me you will know I am a HUGE Lady A fan. I absolutely loved it! But before we go too far into this I wanted to explain a few things.

Online (through ticketmaster) we saw the seats he purchased were side by side and all by themselves in front of a pole. Imagine our surprise when we got there to discover that was not the case. In fact we would be separated by a huge pole the entire time. He went off to get a drink and I talked with one of the LiveNation staff members about this who told me she would talk with her manager. She assured me that we would be moved, I made her promise it would not be further back and she said no in the area but together. When the manager came over he walked us to our new seats. We had explained to him that this was his anniversary gift to me and he said no one should celebrate their anniversary that way. He moved us really, really close to the front.

I never was able to catch his name, as his badge was worn around his neck but I never saw the name. I would love to thank him though, so for those out there that know who the older gentleman (possibly the manager) that was seating people in the front is please tell him thank you from the couple that were celebrating 16 years. As for Klipsch Music Center/LiveNation this definitely gave me a positive feeling towards the event and place. My husband was pretty upset when we got there to find out that the seats were not the same as the website. But thanks to some staff members/manager the night was saved.

On to the show as they would say in the entertainment business. At 7pm Daniel Nail, who sings Red Light, played until 7:25.

Darius Rucker, who sings This, played until just before 9.

Suddenly Lady A’s Dance Party came on to the screen and everyone went nuts. There was so much energy in this place, I loved it. Lady A came on and sang all of her songs, the best part was watching her invite a 9 year old on stage with her to sing American Honey. This was definitely a wonderful anniversary gift. Thank you mylove!

One tip for those of you planning on going to a concert there….make sure to bring plenty of money. Water was $4 and for a hamburger/fries/soda meal you are looking at $11-$13. To end on a positive note, this concert had over 15,000 fans in it and nothing got out of control. Traffic was handled perfectly, we just had an issue finding our own vehicle because they do shut one of the gates which confused a few people. Other than that it was a great event!

Current closest tour for 2016:

Windy City Lakeshore Concert June 17-19
Buckeye Country Superfest (Columbus, OH) June 18-19

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  1. I LOVE hearing awesome stories about great customer service like this! Happy belated anniversary!

  2. What section and row is that first picture?

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