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Garden Office Ideas to Make You Productive

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however opinions are my own.

It is that time of year again when everyone is trying to make things look like new or replacing the old with new. Many made resolutions that they’d focus harder at work, or the resolution of not procrastinating and actually getting productive. Have you thought of actually sparking up your work space with a small office garden? It doesn’t even have to cost a fortune, it can be as simple as a potted plant, terrarium, look around to get some garden office ideas or hire a designer to come in to design a garden with your office space such as Hudson Garden Rooms.


I don’t know about you but currently I have a tiny office space and by that I mean my computer currently sits on the tiny opening between my kitchen and my dining room. There is enough room for my keyboard, the mouse, the tower and my cup of tea. But thinking about this area I would love to have something hanging from above or going around the wall next to me and coming down like an ivy. Hudson Garden Rooms know that not everyone has the same style and tailors rooms to the individual’s needs, they know that working from home means we have to keep busy and continue to be motivated and sometimes a garden can help with this. How many of you like to have a plant or a garden near you?

Currently they have a few pods they have created so that you can have that instant garden room in a pod. I think my favorite is the traditional look or the Hudson trailhouse. For me I would love an office away from the home, I think many of us that work from home feel like that, we still want to work from home but we want the added privacy without having to leave, which is why some of us tend to have an office where we can close the door and it stays off-limits. These pods/garden rooms do just that, they are private little areas that have a small garden that are built just away from your house that you get privacy but still get down to business and it looks cozy. Can you imagine having a garden office built for yourself and having it arrive? I think for myself this would be a dream come true and I’d totally spend my day in there with a large window to overlook the yard and back at the house.


Do you have a special place where you work? Can you picture an office like the one above where you can just open the screen and let nature sing to you? Is it very productive? Currently mine is semi-productive but only because I can do most of my work when the kids are in school, otherwise nothing gets done.

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  1. Fantastic idea to move your office out in to the garden. People are always complaining about not having enough room but no one ever thinks of this as a solution. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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