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Fun Writing Exercise for Kids (or you)

Over the weekend the kids told me they were bored and wanted me to give them an assignment. Yes, an assignment but asked that it not be some boring book one. So instead I told them to write a book, of course I got the whole, “How do I start? What should it be about?Etc”

I immediately started thinking, how could I make this fun and different from just yammering a few scenarios at them. Then it hit me…..

Go get me 3 of my books and 2 of your books. They quickly grabbed books, it didn’t matter what. I closed my eyes with each book, flipped through it, landed my finger on a page and we wrote the sentence. Since we did this with 5 books we were able to come up with ideas, now you could do it with three and get the same results.

The kids quickly sat down laughing as they began to write, each one had their own corner of the room with a different idea in mind. I can’t wait to see what they created. Ever try it?

1 thought on “Fun Writing Exercise for Kids (or you)

  1. Michelle Hamor Smith says:

    This was such a good idea!!

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