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A Field Trip to Jefferson City!

I was up by 4 a.m. and boy was I tired but the day was full of promise, excitement and fun. The best part was I was going on this field trip (4th grade) with my daughter, BalletGirl, as a chaperone. Where were we going? Jefferson City, Missouri to the Capital, Supreme Court and Governor’s Mansion.

We were to board the bus by 7:05 and leave at 7:15, of course being the early bird (and desperate to get hubby to drop us off so I wouldn’t have to walk so early with the possible storm brewing above us) meant we got there at 6:15 and boarded the bus at 6:30. Yes, we were early but thankfully the hubby supplied me with a Carmel Frap from Starbucks just before dropping me off. Yes, I needed it to stay awake. Once the bus got boarded you suddenly hear the buzz of ….not children whispering or even being loud but all their video game machines being turned on and the volumes up as loud as they could to drown out their neighbor’s.

On the way up there I talked with the teacher and several moms, each wanting to know what it was that I actually do online. We stopped briefly at a train station for a potty break, the actual museum part (gift shop) was closed but thankfully the bathrooms were not…except later that afternoon as we’d be coming home. Once we arrived at Jefferson City we got to go to the Capital Building and walk around exploring the Legislative and Executive rooms, we also went inside the dome. Did you know the dome holds a 9000 pound bronze chandelier? Let me tell you it is amazing looking but I’d rather look at it from the ground and not so high up that I’m actually above the lights. The kids were impressed as some walked and others ran around the top where only a rail kept them from falling. Me? Oh I walked all the way around and then sat on the bench and waited for everyone. Did I mention…I’m scared of heights?

Next up…Supreme Court. The kids got to sit inside a court room where they would be in front of the seven judges chairs. Tons of questions were asked and answered before we’d walk around looking at all the pictures of the judges themselves. We then went into the REALLY old library, you weren’t allowed to touch the books in case the spine would crumble. I did catch a “curse” on the wall before leaving that I didn’t finish and am still looking for. Anyone know of a book curse?

For lunch we sat between the Capital and the Governor’s Mansion at a small picnic area where the kids got to run around and have some fun. It was relaxing sitting there watching the small waterfall run and the kids jump over a small ditch.

Once lunch was over we went to the Governor’s Mansion where we got to see “The Missouri’s Children Fountain” that has three figures on it: Carrie Crittenden (the Governor’s 9 year old daughter that died), there were also two little boys on the fountain. Each child represented something in the fountain: Health, Environment and Equality. Honestly I thought it was lovely and for the life of me I can’t find the picture I have of it.

The mansion itself was PINK, inside and outside, which tells me a lady decorated this place. In each room there were portraits of each of the Governor’s wives. We stayed on the first floor but I must say it was amazing to look around. Once done we went back to the Capital for our tour. All in all it was a great trip, the best part was watching BalletGirl interact with her peers and the little boys that followed her. I could tell two really liked her, but I don’t think she realizes it. Makes you think back to those years in your own childhood. Throughout most of it she’d slip her hand in mine whenever we’d come to a standstill. It felt great to experience this with her but also see she wasn’t afraid to hold her mommy’s hand. 🙂

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  1. Michelle Hamor Smith says:

    What a fun day! I love all the photos. That ceiling must be strong to hold up a chandelier that heavy. Wow.

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