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Free 25 Days of Christmas Ebook from Arlene Pellicane to Your Family

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How many of you just love to do Advent Calendars and just crafts or devotions every day leading up to Christmas? We do so many crafts and baking leading up to Christmas. How many love doing them with their kids? Come on, I know there are more hands than that. Yeah, that’s more like it. Ya know you miss doing them as a kid. Do you bring Christ into Christmas and show the kids how they can celebrate every day with Jesus in mind?

KLOVE is doing a special for all of you they started a podcast series called THE HAPPY HOME, and Arlene Pellicane, from the podcast, has a new free resource guide for families to use this Christmas! Ya’ll are gonna want to check it out!

25 Days of Christmas by Arlene

25 days of Christmas ebook by Arlene Pellicane

Download this Ebook NOW here!

The time for saying “Happy Birthday Jesus” is fast approaching will you guys be celebrating it? My kids can’t wait to make a cake for him.

Arelene Pellicane of the Happy Home Podcast wants to invite you to celebrate the season with simplicity and substance. Download Arlene’s FREE resource “25 Days of Christmas” to help you make the most of the Christmas Season.

The “25 Days of Christmas” devotional and activity eBook is packed with 25 ways for you and your family to create special memories and make sure Christ is at the center of the Season.

This PDF is filled with 10 devotionals, 10 families activities, and 5 ways to serve this Christmas Season. Arlene’s “25 Days of Christmas” is more than just a daily devotional or advent calendar, it is a practical way for busy families to find meaningful opportunities to connect and to celebrate Jesus. Plus, tune in to the Happy Home Podcast on, or wherever you listen to podcasts, every week in December to journey through the “25 Days of Christmas” Together. I’d love to hear which days you have enjoyed!

Download the “25 Days of Christmas” ebook today, and check out The Happy Home Podcast/AccessMore podcast network!

Nicoli and I have been following along with the ebook and he is loving the lessons. He loved singing the Christmas Carols with me and his siblings. But I think he really enjoyed the Decorating Deputy, I know the teens really did. I won’t tell ya why though. You have to read it to find out. I love her ideas and how she incorporates them into her family. I feel very connected reading her book.

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