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12 Christmas Activities for Kids

Christmas is a child’s favorite holiday, and for a good reason. With all the beautiful Christmas lights, trees, decorations, and magical Christmas spirit, what’s not to love! With your children home from school this Christmas, here are 12 activities they will love to do!

12 Activities Your Kids can Do for Christmas

How many times do you scramble to think of all the fun things you want to do with your child over December? Do you ever miss something or come up blank? I know I have in the past but now I have a list for every year and I plan on adding to it. In fact, I already see where I missed a few things below. Do you have any family favorite Christmas Activities for kids you do?

Make a gingerbread house with your family

Making a gingerbread house is a perfect activity to enjoy with your little ones. Now I do cheat, I actually don’t bake up the gingerbread house because one of the kids reacts to ginger cookies, so instead, we buy graham crackers and make them that way. They will love to help put together each part of the house and decorate it with all candies they can find! This activity is definitely a fun one for the entire family and is often the perfect Christmas tradition. Oh, and if you have competition in your household it is fun to see who can make theirs the tallest, pretties, messiest, etc.

Carol to neighbors or senior citizen homes

As I said in a previous post, I loved Christmas Caroling with our church when I was younger. Wouldn’t it be fun to do it again? If you really want to spread some holiday cheer, go caroling to senior citizen homes! Most of the time, many lonely seniors would love to listen to some Christmas carols during this holiday season. You can carol to your neighbors on your street too. Just grab up some family members and go out, or call up some friends and see if they’d like to do it. They just may find they have a great time and it could become a holiday tradition.

Make some ornaments and hang them on your tree

Children love to do crafts, especially if they get to hang them up when finished! I know Nicoli loves putting things on our window, especially after last year, he just wanted to make people smile. So, make some ornaments and hang them on the tree when you are done or on the front door. You can paint them or make them from fabric; the choice is yours!


Use old pop bottles to make snowman bowling pins

Make some snowman bowling pins if you have plenty of old soda bottles lying around! Fill them halfway with sand, water, or rice, and then decorate the outside just like a snowman. Set them up and go bowling once you are finished with this craft!

Make some cookies

During December, you’ll have to make cookies at least once for Christmas, so you might as well do it together as a family.Maybe you can get a few neighbors to do a Christmas Cookie exchange. Get your kids involved to help you bake the cookies, and then decorate them once they cool off. Allow them to decide who to share these cookies with and drop them off together!

Write letters to Santa and send them in the mail

Kids love to write letters to Santa to show him what they want for Christmas. There are many malls where you can actually put them in Santa’s mailbox! Our town has a little mailbox where you can drop a letter in. Or, you can send the letters by mail too. Either way, this is a Christmas activity you don’t want to forget.

Do a fun snowflake craft to hang up around the house
Snowflakes are so easy to make, yet it is such a fun activity your child will want to spend hours creating new snowflakes for the house. Fold up some white paper and cut randomly. When you open it up, you will find a beautiful snowflake! Hang them up all around the house when you are finished.

Make fake snow to play in if it doesn’t snow today

I grew up in the desert so it didn’t always get snow, it got cold because we were down fro the hills but not the beautiful snow. We had to travel to get that. Trust me, we figured out creative ways to make it feel like Christmas.

If you live in an area that doesn’t get snow often, you can make your own! All you need is some hair conditioner and baking soda, and you are all set! Your kids will have a blast playing in their own snow that doesn’t get cold at all.

Give blankets to a homeless shelter

The homeless really struggle during the winter seasons because it can be so cold in some areas. Imagine how cold it can get? Wouldn’t you want an extra blanket if you could get one? It doesn’t matter if they are living on the streets or in a homless shelter, those places get cold with the doors opening and closing all the time.

Do a service activity for them by sharing extra blankets with the homeless. There are so many blankets on sale for the holiday right now. You can send these blankets to a shelter or give them to those you find on the street. This is the perfect way to show your child what Christmas truly means.

Watch your favorite Christmas movie

Sometimes you all just need to sit down and watch a Christmas movie together. Choose your favorite Christmas movie, or two, or three, and watch together as a family. Pop some popcorn and have a few candies too! My kids have always loved watching Christmas shows with me, every season we watch certain ones and have our own little party together. These will be memories I have for years to come and I hope they all continue them with their own families some day.

Donate old toys and clothes to kids in need

This is another special Christmas activity to teach the true meaning of Christmas for your child, all the while helping you prepare your house for the new set of toys they’ll receive soon. Have them go through their things to see what they could donate to kids who won’t be getting anything for Christmas.

Read the Christmas story with your family

Read a fun Christmas story with your family on Christmas eve. This is another fun Christmas activity your kids will like to do each year. Get into your matching pajamas and cuddle all around as you read a story. Choose whichever one you’d like!

These 12 Christmas activities are perfect for kids to prepare for Christmas and have fun this holiday season. Do one every day leading up to Christmas, or randomly throughout the month. Who knows, these might even turn into family Christmas traditions you do every year!

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