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5 Secret Santa Stories that are Paying it Forward

Secret santa In the past few months there have been so many awful stories hitting the news, which is one reason I love posting about all the pay-it-forward and Secret santa stories I hear about in December. Before you ask a Pay-it-Forward type of story is one in which a good deed is done and the person says instead of paying them back just pay it forward. I’m sure you’ve heard by now of a time or two when a customer pays for someone behind them in line and then a whole movement is made.

Secret Santas, especially in the KC/MO area is all about a man named Larry that hired the next Santa and he gives $100 bills to random strangers that he believes needs it. So without further ado here we go: First up this started in KC when Secret Santa decided to make an entire police force volunteer Elves and they got to go around pulling people over and giving them $100 bills instead of a ticket. You know that made some people’s day but the best part is knowing they (the police) weren’t hating by everyone in the public eye.

Tip: If you are wondering if the true Secret Santa has reached you it will be stamped on your $100 bill with SECRET SANTA.

A police force in Michigan was pulling over people but instead of giving tickets they asked about presents and if they had kids and what was on their wishlists. Without knowing it the people were actually getting their wishes fulfilled within moments.

With a season such as Christmas, we all know things get expensive and can feel really bad when we can’t get even just one toy for our child to go under the tree. I remember what it was like to live in a hotel for a few months and how happy a child would get when you gave them a present and I’m not meaning my own. I remember one family who couldn’t afford a fake tree and was making their own Christmas tree out of felt.

Thankfully that year I worked with a company that allowed me to buy a Christmas tree and decorations for another family, instead, I bought it but I divvied it up between a few families that lived in the hotel that I had been living in. I had recently moved into an apartment but that was a place I’d never forget. So it feels good to me when I hear others doing it too, you don’t realize how much it means to them.

I recently saw friends/family posting that they lost their layaways because they couldn’t afford the monthly bill on them, these stories below are a blessing. Secret Santa’s and Layaway Angels love to pay off people’s layaways. One secret Santa went to a ToysRUs and paid off $50k in layaways for the store in that town. Another went to a Walmart and paid for 130 customer layaways. Finally a really awesome story about Meijer the grocery store actually paid for 1 customer’s cart at each of their stores.

Have you seen a good Christmas story lately? I’d love to hear about it or visit the story if you’d drop the link in the comments. Why not spread the cheer this holiday season? Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

3 thoughts on “5 Secret Santa Stories that are Paying it Forward

  1. I saw the story about the Michigan police officers granting wishes and I loved it! It really fills my heart to see people doing that. And I loved the reactions.

  2. I couldn’t see the top video, but I have seen the Michigan one and I love it so much! What a great way to remind the community to be safe and that their police do really care!

  3. I love this post because it is truly what Christmas is all about. Love the heart warming stories 🙂

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