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12 Mother’s Day Brunch Recipe Ideas for Kids to Make

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching there are many out there searching to see what types of gifts they can get mom. I don’t know about you but for myself I love homemade gifts, especially the ones a child makes. I have loved the last few years because the kids are getting much more creative and these days they are wanting to serve me breakfast in bed and what started off as cereal and toast has become so much more. How many of you remember trying to make your own mom breakfast in bed or had your own children run in on Mother’s Day morning with a tray full of food for you.

peanut butter pie

This year I’m collecting 12 of my favorite Mother’s Day Brunch ideas for kids to make for their mom, some of which will require assistance but not all because I know how much fun a child has and to see the pride in their eyes as you sit down to eat what they made. My own children have made many of these meals and will be making one or two of these dishes for me, just don’t tell them that I already know. Shhh. I love the excitement they get when they know they’ve made me something.

12 Mother’s Day Brunch ideas for Kids to make to help them make a wonderful Mother’s Day delight. You will discover breakfast ideas that will take little or no supervision for your child to make, sandwiches, desserts and even sweet tea. Mother’s Day doesn’t always mean mom has to cook, nor does it mean the family has to go out to eat. A simple home cooked meal that mom doesn’t have to make is a really great treat.  Now off to go make a few more of these collections, these are a lot of fun.

Do you have any favorite Mother’s Day Brunch ideas for kids or one from the list above?

5 thoughts on “12 Mother’s Day Brunch Recipe Ideas for Kids to Make

  1. Okay – this looks like HEAVEN!!! SO SO yummy!!! I am so excited for Mothers Day! I will have to check out these brunch ideas!

  2. Lisa J Jones says:

    Lots & lots of great recipes I can’t wait to make thank you!

  3. These look so tasty, I might have to go raid my Oreo stash now!

  4. Dannellys rosario says:

    This looks sooo good! Maybe I should share this with hubby so he can prepare it with the kids lol! Thanks for sharing

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