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Most Embarrassing Moment as a Mom

As a mom to five I’m sure there were tons of times when I had an embarrassing mom moment. I mean how many moms out there have had their child do one thing or another to embarrass them? Now I could lie to you all and say I’ve had this perfect life and never had a moment like this but we all know the truth. I’m the mom that just can’t seem to think of a ton at the moment so I’ll go over a brief few, I’m sure I’ve mentioned them here or on Facebook (The Life of a Home Mom) from one time or another. I do want to say sometimes embarrassing moments can be the silly ones and I hope my kids always find the silly in those situations.


Back in 2002 I would have more embarrassing mom moments, or somewhere around there my oldest was attending preschool and his teacher had recently told the students if they ever got into trouble to call 9-1-1. She apparently didn’t explain she meant trouble like a house fire, or a burglar because later that week I grounded him to his room for something…probably throwing a fit or a toy. I went outside to check the mail, this is like 15 steps walking, when I came in I told him to come down. He loved on me, told me sorry and all that so we went out back to play in the water. It was a hot year so we already had the sprinklers out, we’d been outside for about 30-45 minutes when I declared it was time to go back inside, cool down and get some water. Just as we were heading in the fire/police department swarmed around the back freaking me out. They explained someone had just called 9-1-1 from inside. After they did a complete search and finally left he came clean and told me he did it. He didn’t let on the entire time. So may not be too embarrassing but it is when you are in bathing suits and have law enforcement at your home.

No, not embarrassing enough? What about the time I was riding my bike with the bike trailer (for kids to ride on) attached to it and my foot got stuck in the back tire and my bike flipped upside down. I came flying over the bike, landing straight on my knee cap in front of a Marine. We both tried not to laugh, I mean imagine someone flying like that. Later this would be a horrible blow to my knee and when I finally would get it looked at it would be too late.

Hmm, another would be breastfeeding moments. I’m sure you breastfeeding moms have had those. I mean how many of you have shown up somewhere to have sprung a leak and your entire shirt is wet or just around your nipples because either 1. you forgot to put the pads in or 2. you leaked through the pads. Yes, both happened to me, more times than I care to recall. This is one reason I always carry an extra shirt for myself when I’m breastfeeding a child. There’s the time I greeted the mailman with my boob hanging out of my shirt because I’d just got the little one to sleep and the knock came and I thought everything was fine until I noticed. Yeah, not the best impression for me. So what are your embarrassing moments?

8 thoughts on “Most Embarrassing Moment as a Mom

  1. I always worry my son will call 911 when it’s really not warranted! He is 4 and I actually have not taught him to call for emergencies yet because of my own worry. I am going to be sure to word it carefully so he knows to only dial it when it’s really needed! And I’m like you on the embarrassing mom moments – I know I have had some but right now, I am drawing a blank!

  2. I remember I was at a playground with my kids having a blast climbing around and going willy nilly when I slammed my head into one of those hand grip bars at the top of the slide. I think my brain was permanently jarred loose inside my skull.

  3. Oh no! I’m sure you will have a forever memory on that one!! I honestly can’t think of anything too embarrassing, though as much as my kiddo likes to say what is on his mind, I’m sure the moment will come all too soon.

  4. Oh my gosh – the mail story! I can’t really recall my most embarrassing moments as a mom. I do remember that when my oldest was little, she set off the silent alarm at our credit union. (She had been playing underneath a desk.)

  5. Oh no, she told them to call 9-1-1! That need a lot more context. LOL – one of those stories that you’ll be able to remind your child of one day.

  6. Oh my – too funny. I am very, very klutzy so I have far too many to list. One of my favorites is when I tried to do a cartwheel and forgot how and crashed on my face – on the front lawn – for all of my neighbors to see. 😉

  7. Audrey at Barking Mad! says:

    OMgoodness, I can relate with the breastfeeding thing, however, that shall forever remain between me and the bagger at the grocery store who accidentally saw a whole lot more of me than I ever intended!

    One of my more embarrassing moments happened when my oldest was a senior in high school. I’d spilled about half a bag of fertilizer in the back of my Jeep Cherokee a few hours before I had to pick her up from school. It wasn’t the really stinky stuff but still pretty pungent. I took it to a car wash and used THEIR vacuum to clean it out and then gave the carpet that lined the back, a quick shampoo as well. On the way to pick her up from school I noticed that it still smelled funny so I stopped and bought a multi-pack of those tree air freshener thingies. There were 6 trees. All of them were the “Cherry” scent.

    One didn’t do the trick, so I opened two. Two didn’t seem to cover it up either so I ended up opening ALL Of them and placing them in various spots throughout the car. When I got to the school Meg was lollygagging and so I ended up getting out of the car, closing it up and then walking over to where her friends were. She was standing with a group of 4 other kids, all of whom needed a ride. I decided we could pile them all into the car, but not before standing around and talking for more than 20 minutes! When we finally got to the car and opened it up we were all hit with this overwhelming wave of cherry. I mean, it was bad. Everyone automatically stepped about 10 feet back. It was like a cherry-scented skunk had sprayed the inside of my car and them melted a case of cherry-scented chapstick to all the surfaces, for good measure. We rode with all of the windows down for the ride to each persons house, and then home, and then for a good two weeks afterward.

    For about half of Meg’s senior year, I was known as Cherry Mom! This was amusing and horrifying because our house was the “It” house that year. Unfortunately the nick-name wore off long before the smell did!

  8. I laughed so hard about your nursing story and the poor mailman! My sweet husband heard me and asked why I was laughing so hard. I told him and he said, “Well, no man has ever had that problem.” Nope, but I certainly can relate. One of my most embarrassing moments was trying to get my timid little daughter to feel comfortable at her new dance class by agreeing to stand next to her during her first class doing all the motions with her in front of the other waiting mommies only to notice at the end of class that I was trailing behind me a nice piece of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of my shoe. Lovely.
    This is my first time on your blog- found you on NAPOBLAMO. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts!
    Your blog makes me want to say “Go Moms!”

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