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How to Make Instant Money Online

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First off I wanted to say Happy New Year! I know with a new year many are thinking all about how they can make money. Many will have those big make-money goals while others will have a goal of doubling their income. I wanted to step out and list just a few ways to make instant money online.

Earning instant money is one of my favorite hobbies- and it should be yours too! I kid you not, I love the instant paypal cash or gift cards. In 2019 I would even play games while waiting at the doctors’ office and earn amazon gift cards.

There are so many ways for you to earn money while doing what you are already doing. If you buy milk at the grocery store, for example, there is an app that will give you money for showing your receipt (seriously, I know because my older daughter uses it all the time).

Do you by chance buy Starbucks daily, weekly, monthly? Guess what, that’s right there’s an app for that too. Scan your receipt every time and earn a free one. Sure, that’s not money but it adds up to that cup of coffee so it counts! Do you know of any others?

I love earning money for doing basically what I already do. I love it so much that I talk about it as much as I can to friends and family (I would say they are probably tired of it but I hear thanks every so often) so that they do not miss out. Yes, I’m that annoying person that will see you spending money and be like oh there’s a coupon for that let me pull it up for you.

It doesn’t matter if you like to save money or earn money, I know both ways! In fact, I am so obsessed with sharing these simple tips and tricks that I wrote out this blog post so that you can get in on this amazing secret. Trust me, you won’t regret signing up for these apps once you start earning money or saving money. In fact, the biggest trouble that you might have is deciding how you will spend the money. A new bag? A tropical vacation? The options are endless! 

Instant Money Defined

Okay, what is instant money? What do I mean by instant money? Instant money is money that you get deposited almost immediately into your checking account or in some other monetary form like a gift card or stocks. 

You may not think that you need to waste your time earning instant money, but why not? There are so many opportunities for you to make money doing the things that you are already doing. Buying gas with a credit card or picking up groceries, for example. Yes, those simple errands can help you actually earn money. 

ex: Do you shop at Kroger’s? Use your Kroger Card every time you shop and you earn money to pay for your gas by the end of the month. Last night I could’ve used $1 off a gallon because of our Kroger’s savings. Yes, we filled up that tank.

Tips for When You are Earning Instant Money

There are so many ways for you to earn instant money, it can honestly be a little overwhelming. Take your time and get into the habit of earning more cash responsibly. Here are a few tips that I recommend to all of my friends that ask me about earning money quickly.

  1. Be Honest in the applications

For a lot of these options to earn instant money, they will be asking you to contribute your opinion to make their products better. If that’s the case, when you are sharing your opinion, honesty is always the best policy. Yes, I was always told that as a kid and tell my children that now. That way, you aren’t wasting anyone’s time and you are able to provide feedback that will help companies make decisions in the future.  I mean if you really think a product would be better with or without something state it.

  1. Get a Seperate Email Address for the applications

When you decide to fill out any apps that will provide cashback, you run the risk of that company selling your information, unfortunately. Hey, it happens! But that’s why you want the junk email. One of my biggest tips to avoid getting a lot of spam is to create a separate email address for most of the ways that you can earn instant money. This is the same advice bloggers will tell you when you sign up for “Free resources.”

  1. Get into the Habit of earning money and saving money.

Make it a priority to get into the habit of whatever method you choose to earn instant money. Rebates, cashback offers, surveys, etc. Playing a game every time you have to wait in line.

If you want to start scanning receipts and uploading them into an app that pays, for example, get into the habit of scanning your receipts every time you get into the car. If you want to earn points on your credit card, avoid late fees by paying the bill on time every single month. 

  1. Buy with Intention

There are so many ways to earn money through everyday purchases. The trick here is to buy things that you actually need. Sometimes, when we uncover the secret to instant money, we can go a little crazy and buy things just because we will get money back. 

What I mean is be smart- do not buy something for $100 just because you will get $20 back. Yeah, you might sort of want it, but you still spent $80 that you were not planning on spending originally. Make sense?

ex: Yesterday I went to the local grocery store and got a coupon for $2 off my next produce purchase of $10 or more and a $4 off your next meat, seafood purchase of $16 or more. Now if I wouldn’t normally buy seafood this would be a waste.

When you get those coupons that come out after you pay your grocery bill put them in a spot where you will use them the next time. Like the front portion of your wallet and make sure to use it.

How to Make Instant Money 

There are so many ways to earn money quickly and, based on your lifestyle, can be done without too much of a commitment. No matter what instant money method you choose, you will love having some extra cash in your pocket. 

  1. Survey Sites

There are so many survey sites that will pay you for your time to answer some simple questions- it is one of the easiest ways to make instant money! 

If you find yourself sitting alone at random times (you know like waiting for the bus or during your kid’s baseball practice), why not sign up for one of the survey sites to earn some extra money while you pass the time? But please watch the practice too.

Some of the most popular survey sites are Swagbucks (I know so many that love this), Survey Junkie, or Inbox Dollars (this one does take a while). How they work is that each survey that you take earns you a certain amount of points. Then, you take these points and convert them to PayPal dollars or Gift Cards. It’s great and the perfect way to earn money for a pedicure or to pay the Netflix bill that month. 

  1. Credit Card Rewards

While I am not the biggest fan of credit cards usually (honestly I hate them), there are a few perks to signing up for one. My biggest reason for getting a credit card? The credit card rewards and building up my credit! This is one of the easiest ways to earn instant money

Whether you are looking for points to go toward your next vacation or cashback to go towards your car payment, this could be the best option for you.

No credit card is the same! Each credit card offers something different, so my advice is to do your research (as a good friend always says “Google it”) and take your spending actions into account when choosing the best credit card. For example, if you have to drive a lot for work, find a credit card that gives the most cashback for purchasing gas. 

  1. Ibotta App

Ibotta is an app that actually pays you to buy groceries- something you are already doing! Why not sign up and make money?  Sign up at → <–yes that is my link. I do get $5 when you sign up and scan your first receipt.

How it works is you log into the app and upload your receipts and you are done. The money is deposited into your account within 24 hours. So easy, what’s not to love?

  1. WeBull Investment site

One of my favorite investment sites is WeBull- check it out and you will see why!

With a 0% minimum deposit required, a lot of trade options, and an incredible community to help you make the best investments, this investment site is great. 

Here’s how WeBull works- you sign up and receive 2 stocks for free. This helps you get acclimated to the WeBull community and gets you that instant cash that everyone loves. As you continue, there are more opportunities to earn even more stock for free. Referring friends, for example, will earn you 4 free stocks. 

There hasn’t been a better time to start investing, so why not learn how to do it with stock that you got for free? 

In Summary

There are so many ways to earn cash, so why not try to earn some instant money? Whether you are sitting in the doctor’s office, waiting for grocery pickup, or letting your kids burn off some energy at the park, why not take that 20 minutes and try out a few of these options? 

It is so easy! I will warn you though- earning instant money can be pretty addicting, so make sure you spend that cash wisely! Do you have ways on here to make instant cash that I didn’t mention? I’ll be back this month to post other ways to make money online or on your phone.

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