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A Mother’s Love

Isn’t it amazing all the things we do for our families but many times we sit there and doubt whether we are doing things right or not or thinking about how we could do better. Truth is though, at least for many of us that worry about that our families do not. While we are sitting their criticizing ourselves our families haven’t even thought about all the things we wish we were better at. Those things we worry about our children/husband/wives thought it was just awesome that we tried to do it. I think that is what really makes it mean the most and at least for me I have to realize this.

I always dreamed of being that mom that could cook, clean, have dinner on the table when her husband got home and be all pretty and made up the entire day. Well, that’s not me. haha. Maybe it is you, but I just can’t seem to pull it off and trust me I tried. I even asked my husband and kids at one point if they wished I was this person or that person. I mean I would love to be the “Leave it to Beaver” mom that had everything perfect. Course, looking back her life probably was all that. Right? But don’t think I haven’t tried.



The above example is a perfect example. My oldest, who I call SoccerBoy on the blog asked me last year if I could make him a Perry The Platypus cake for his 17th birthday and he also wanted “childhood gifts” for all his presents and of course I obliged as much as I could. I’m not an artist, but I will do my best to make his wish come true. His birthday was at the end of March. Perry gave me a few issues, his tummy ended up too big so right there was my first one, second we had a mini earthquake during the party and his back split. haha. I couldn’t find blue icing so I attempted to make it. I also used Graham crackers for his beak and tail (warning this does not work with staying up, not even with icing. By no means is this the cake I pictured in my head, nor was it one I had seen on pinterest.



But that is okay, while my cake didn’t come out looking extravagant or anything like the above it came out with laughs and fun memories. I think he will forever remember his momma making him that special cake and it was just because he asked. He was so proud of it that he even posted it his Facebook page. No I may not be that perfect mom that can make wonderful crafts, picture-perfect cakes/desserts but I am and will always be that mom that tries her best, even when it looks silly.

As for my girls, I’ve already asked them if they wish I was the mom that could put their hair up in pony tails, braid it, do the whole french braids, fish tails, etc…not to mention make up. But both have told me it is okay, instead we will all learn by watching youtube videos. I never cared for all that stuff as a young girl due to some other circumstances and honestly I like the beauty of a real face over make up. But I do find it fun doing spa days and letting the girls practice on me and then themselves. They love the time together and see I am open to them wearing it as long as they try it at home first.


When it comes to cooking…well I’m no longer doing strictly pasta (because it is quick and easy), nor am I doing straight box meals (mac n cheese) instead I am learning to cook from scratch and make new meals. Not everything turns out perfectly, I’ve even encountered a burned pot because the beans kept soaking up the water too fast.

Other times we’ve discovered we like more seasonings then I originally put in. But above all things I do it for my family, trying to make things healthier and memories that will last. BalletGirl will always tell you her favorite meal is making french coast casserole and BabyGirl will tell you she loves making the peanut butter pie.

For whatever it is worth, I will always do my best and making my kids and husband happy and making memories that will last. I love you guys!

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