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3 Ways to Spend Quality Time Together Outdoors

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Spending Quality Time Together
Finding Quality Time during Busy Seasons

Enjoy those summer days with your kids, whether they are in school or about to go back to school. Those summer days can quickly come to an end as they get busy with their own lives, get ready to graduate and/or eventually move away. You want to capture and freeze those times when you get it. I know you are probably thinking you have all the time in the world. I know, I was you at one point. Make the most out of them.

Finding Quality Time isn’t Always Easy but it is Possible

I’m the mom to five, so trust me when I say I am going through all these phases all at once. I just had my oldest join the military, move away and comes to visit whenever he can. I also have a Senior in high school, she gets to come home after lunch so we use that time wisely. I also have two others in school and one at home. This means my time can be all over the place, but it also means I can make sure each one gets that valuable time they need with me.

3 Easy Ways to Find Quality Time Together with Your Kids

This week we picked one day to go to the park. You’ll see in the photos that we had a good time. Continue to read to find out 3 ways you can spend quality time outdoors with your family.

  1.  Go for a Walk together– Every day I either walk with one of the kids to the mail box or to the store. The store is across the street and we normally need something so this works out. This gives me time to talk with them and learn how things are going. It also tells my child that they are important and I want to hear about their life. Now that school is back in session that is so important to make sure they know you care. See how easy spending quality time is?How to Spend Time together at the Park
  2. Picnic at the Park– My Senior and I knew we wanted to take Nicoli (he’s 4) to the park one afternoon, so we made a date. I prepared a quick lunch, nothing heavy since we knew he’d want to play hard. Make sure to bring things that are on-the-go and light if you are walking. So in our lunch was sandwiches, applesauce, grapes, water (mom) and both of them got Danimals on the go snacks. Nicoli is currently obsessed after seeing them on tv he thinks Bongo is going to jump out of them.Dress them Appropriately:  While preparing for the park you also want to make sure your child has dressed appropriately for the weather. If it looks like it will rain make sure to bring a light jacket just in case. If it looks hot you don’t want them in a sweater.

    Tip: Always make sure to touch the playground equipment before allowing them to go on them. Just because they are plastic does NOT mean they won’t heat up (they will). Finally, keep them hydrated, even if the sun is behind clouds it can be hotter than you anticipate.

  3. Enjoy the Outdoors sitting at a Table– This can be done with a glass of their favorite beverage, Danimals or some snacks and games. I am always amazed when I hear parents say they don’t know how to talk to their kids. You just do it. You sit them down and you say, “How was your day? Name one good thing and one bad thing that happened that day.” This just gets the conversation started.

    I like to play scrabble with the older ones because they pay attention more, otherwise out come the phones. I don’t get much time with my oldest daughter after school because she works in the afternoon and then is always needing to do homework so I grab up any opportunity that I can. Those days that she comes home and goes off to work before I can make her something to eat I still make her grab something to eat/drink on the way to work. Yes, she may be 17 but she needs to take care of herself and mommy will remind her of that.

Danimals come in 6pks and 12 pks and they currently have Dannon ® Danimals® Yogurt Smoothies Strawberry Explosion® 12 pack and a strawberry banana. These can be found in the yogurt section at Walmart for a little less than $5. Can you see Bongo? He has different outfits on each one. All the kids like both the flavors, however Nicoli is the cutest as he looks inside to see if anything magical will happen.

Don’t forget to check out Nicoli playing with his sister and hoping to find a Bongo.

Thank you to Danimals for supporting our family picnic. You can find Dannon ® Danimals® Yogurt Smoothies Strawberry Explosion® 12 pack in the refrigerated section at your local grocery store. 

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