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Why I Donated My Hair & 4 Places You Can Donate Hair

April 30, 2012 By · 5 Comments

Have you ever went to donate hair? I have long, thick, beautiful hair that everyone always compliments, but it gives me headaches all the time.  So I figured it was time for a change. I mean who wants headaches every day because of their hair? I had already promised my girls that I would donate my hair with them, only their hair was taking too long and my headaches were getting worse. I didn’t know many places that would take hair donations so I went with the only one I knew….. Locks of Love.

Instead of waiting any longer, I did something that no one thought I would do, or if they thought it they didn’t think I would cut my hair as short. I donated my long locks to Locks of Love. Truth is I have known plenty of people that have died of cancer. I also know one very amazing young woman that has battled Leukemia twice and went through chemotherapy and lost her hair. But to top it all off, late last year we got news that my own daughter my have a birthmark that contained cancer and we might have to go through it with her. This broke my heart in more ways than you can imagine, thankfully earlier this year she had the birthmark scraped from her head and they said it was benign. So together we agreed to donate our hair, I had always wanted to do it just never had but now I really wanted to do it.

See the hair? Wouldn’t that give you headaches? Leave it down and it gets pulled on everything, if you put it up in a pony tail it begins to hurt your head. No win.

Locks of Love Donation

I donated my hair to locks of love.

On top of the wanting to do this I also NEEDED to have it cut off. See I have really thick hair, which also means when it is long it begins giving you headaches and back pain. Since I knew I had to cut it why not chop off 10″ and donate it to someone that can use my hair. No point in just tossing it all away. Take a peek at the pictures and watch as I chop it off.

If you are planning on cutting your hair and donating it to Locks of Love make sure to call first to see if they do it. Great Clips offers cutting your hair for free if you are donating to Locks of Love. They will also cut and style for $13 which I think it is totally worth it.

Here are a few other places that do donate hair:

Children with Hair Loss: You are only required to have 8 inches of hair to donate. While they prefer hair that hasn’t been dyed or bleached they will take any hair in good condition.

Wigs for Kids:  This one requires 12 inches of hair in order to donate. You may not have dyes, bleaches, chemicals or dreadlocks in your hair if you are donating.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths:  The beauty of this one is it only takes 8 inches of hair to donate.  If you don’t have that much hair but still want to donate they love $8 donations.  No dyes, bleaches, chemicals and only allowed 5% of gray hair.

Locks for Love:  You must have a minimum of 10 inches to donate. Most hair is accepted unless it has been bleached.

Have you ever donated your hair? Where did you donate? If you’d like I’d love to see before and after photos.  (homemom3@gmail.com)

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Wordless Wednesday: Play Time

April 25, 2012 By · 2 Comments

This past Friday we took Little A to the park. Can you tell he had a ton of fun? I love looking at action pictures of kids.

Don’t forget to leave your link. Happy WW!

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Belly Flab and losing weight

April 25, 2012 By · No Comments

Ya’ll know that I have struggled with my weight, I’ve had ups and downs with it since giving birth to my third child and I have had four kids.  I tried lots of different things, then last year I hit a huge milestone I had finally found something that worked and I was losing the weight until things got a little too chaotic for me. I know that is no excuse but it is what happened and eventually it all came back. I’m still losing weight but not as successful as I was doing at the beginning of last year. I never thought I’d believe in any type of cosmetic surgery but I have seriously thought about a tummy tuck.

I gained a bit of weight after my third child. I didn’t drive and my husband was away in Iraq so a lot of times I would order pizza. Otherwise I would walk because the base was small but I never went back to my normal weight like I did with my first two. Of course with them I was extremely ill the whole 10 months. With my fourth it was just like my 3rd but worse. We had to eat out when we lived on the base because it was infested with bugs, all the houses were. By the time I had him I was definitely not happy about my weight but I was mom and continued on. I knew I would lose it one day, of course I never would have dreamed I’d still be overweight.

Is it wrong to think about a tummy tuck? I use to think it was, I use to say I’d never get anything done, not even my boobs. But I have a few friends that have had both types of surgeries and are very happy with their results. I was once told I should have an eye lid lift because my eye lid was too small for my eyes.  Who am I to say any of this is bad? Looking at myself in the mirror I get disgusted, even while I was losing the weight fast I saw the tummy flab that I was getting left with and I knew from doing my own research those that lost weight still ended up with that gross flab that was just left hanging. While I may be happy my weight is going back down I know that there will still be that flab that I just can’t get rid of. Have you ever looked at yourself and saw that? I can now see why women have these types of surgeries, they just want to look good and feel good about themselves.

I had a close friend recently go under the knife and have a mini tummy tuck which I never would have thought of her doing it. I started getting more interested in it and over the weekend I laid on the bed as straight as I could and imagined what it would be like if I did something like that. Of course I do not have the money right now but maybe a few years down the road when I am financially set and at my desired goal weight or somewhat close I will look into getting one, currently it isn’t hard to find out about mini tummy tuck procedure but the cost is something I just don’t have right now. They can range to be anywhere from $4000-$20,000. OUCH! Okay back to drinking my water and eating healthier, I need to lose the weight first right?  Course if you know of another way to get rid of that flab I am all ears.

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My Week in Pictures

April 1, 2012 By · 1 Comment

This has been one really quick week, so instead of going into massive details I’m going to show you our past week in pictures. Hope you enjoy!

First we had a BBQ. The weather was perfect and it was just something we couldn’t turn down. A day at the park where the kids could run, throw a ball and play at the playground as we cooked up some grub.

As far as the BBQ we had tons of hamburgers, hot dogs and my favorite ….. sausage. 🙂 YUMMY. I finished another two courses this past week, they were two classes I really enjoyed and am kind of sad to see they are gone. I got an A in both classes though and in one of them an A+ on the final. Woo hoo! The girls told me they had a crack in their ceiling, growing up in California a crack is nothing with all the earthquakes so I never really went in to look until a few days ago. Eeek! More than a crack, I’ve called maintenance who have insisted we are not to let anyone in that room now until it is fixed. Now for a quick before and after shot. Lets just say I will NOT let them in there any time soon.

This weekend has been a ton of fun. The husband was away on duty and it was just the kids and I. First it was a Easter Egg hunt in our community which the kids had a blast. This was followed up by outdoor basketball game with my oldest’s friends and other children ended up showing up. Yes, even I played basketball and no you won’t get pictures of that. I got to watch as my older daughter chased a boy I believe she has a crush on and see my younger two have a blast playing ball. Later we all came inside where I got to host a dinner with my son’s friend.  I made Taco Salad and for dessert we all had ice cream sundaes. I even got to hear his friend tell him she’d switch moms with him for a week, of course he said no way. Guess that moved me up to “Cool Mom” status, at least for a day. 🙂

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