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Back To School Clothes Shopping List

The kids love shopping for their new school clothes, but I think they like showing off their new clothes even more. Check out BabyGirl in her pink sequin shirt and Little A in his Cars shirt. I bet your kids loving showing off their new items as well. Am I right?

What’s Your Clothes Shopping List

Ours is something like the following:

1 pair of shorts
3 pairs of pants
1 bag of socks
1 pack of Underwear/bras/etc
1 pair of shoes *dress shoes for girls

I really try to keep it simple but fun. Since our kids start school at the last two weeks of July this means it is still hot so we have to keep that in mind. It will also soon be approaching Fall so long sleeves are a must as well for those surprisingly cold days.

Where Do we Get the Best Deals for Clothes Shopping?

Knowing what we are searching for means it is easier to find the deals. Oh and knowing if we have a child that is wanting Goodwill. I know, many frown on in, in fact I honestly don’t like to shop there but I have kids that LOVE it. They actually find treasures they love there so why not. Figure out which child you are shopping for first and go with that. Walmart for me has the best deals when it comes to clothes because the prices are so low.  I know others that like Target, Sears, Kohl’s and of course the Mall.

Goodwill is Great for Clothes Shopping at Affordable Prices

I will not argue this because I’ve seen a ton of people make money going into Goodwill finding the best deals with clothes that look brand new (yes sometimes they have clothes with the tags still on. WHAT?!?) and reselling them on Ebay and stuff. Plan this trip out to save even more money, know what day of the week and time you are going in there. Certain days of the week have better deals, in our town the first Saturday of the month is the best time to shop. You may also try finding out when they put the newest stuff up, if it is a certain day or just when it comes in.

Yard Sales: One Mans’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

Every weekend I’m constantly seeing someone have a yard sale that includes clothes. Lots of Clothes for sale! Sometimes I’ve seen them go for a quarter to $5. Know how much the clothes are you are looking for before you hit the yard sales because you’ll know how much to negotiate.

5 thoughts on “Back To School Clothes Shopping List

  1. Awwww! They’re so CUTE! New school clothes is always fun – I think it helps make going back to school just a smidge less annoying that summer is over. 😉

  2. Shayla Burks says:

    So cute!

  3. Danielle @ Royalegacy says:

    They look great in their new clothes!

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