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My Word of the Year 2016: Growth

What’s your word for the year? Ever since last year I noticed that instead of posting Resolutions people began posting their “Word for the Year” and the reason behind it so I decided this year while I may or may not post resolutions I will post a word for my year. Last year my word was Forgiven, I’m not entirely sure if I ever said that but it really was a year of forgiveness. I had to move 2000 miles away to even begin that journey which I will one day, possibly soon blog about and explain it all to you. For now I’ll just say I forgave a lot of people and things that have happened to me in a small amount of time but honestly it had been years in the process. This year my word is: GROWTH.

Yes, growth and I mean that in every way possible (minus width, that I’m trying to shrink). I can’t believe it has taken me this long to write a blog post but truth was I didn’t want to start the new year without writing this post and I had to have a word in which I could focus on throughout the year. But I wanted a word that could reflect my personal life and businesses.

Personal Life: I need personal growth. I want to grow from within and shine so brightly like I’ve never shined before. I started to feel this shine while living on my own for the past two years. Something from deep within me started coming up and hasn’t yet wanted to stop. It’s a new me, one in which I have planted myself and have slowly been taking care of to watch and see what it forms into. I got married straight out of high school, went from one life to another and never really thought of who or what I wanted to really be. I had to learn to do things on my own while living in California. I started going to church for the first time in almost 14 years when I was out there. I met the most wonderful people and the church quickly became our family and to be honest I deeply miss each and every one of them. Since I’ve moved I haven’t been able to find a church and fear it’ll start undoing what’s been done. So my other personal growth will be my quest towards spiritual growth for not just myself but my family. I want to grow as far as a wife and mother goes as well, I know I could become better in certain areas of my parenting life.

Business growth: I have two businesses, one if my blog, The Life of a Home Mom which I want to grow to the next level and hit all the social media milestones that I can. I’d love to see each of the social accounts hit 50K, I almost reached 10K on Twitter by the end of the 2015 but didn’t quite make it. I want to vlog more so you can see some personal videos since I have heard ya’ll think I sound sweet. I would love to see more readers, comments and interaction on both my blog and my Facebook fan page.

I am also an Origami Independent Designer (link here or email me) so if you’d like to buy some lockets/jewelry I would love to be your connection. There is always something new coming out and in the past few months I slacked on selling because of moving from one location to another and getting settled in. Finally I’m here and I’m ready to sell some lovelies. I love the fact that both men and women can now wear our jewelry and it isn’t just lockets. I would love to make at least 10K to start with for this year from Origami Owl. That’s my big goal for this company and I would love to be able to put a team together. So if you’d like to earn some of your own money to help with bills or have some spending money just let me know.

There ya have it, that’s my word for the year. I want to have GROWTH in 2016 in all aspects of my life. Personal, financial, spiritual and business. Do you have a word for the year? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and learn more about my readers.

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12 thoughts on “My Word of the Year 2016: Growth

  1. This is a great idea. I have a lot i want to improve on in 2016 too!

  2. I wish you great luck on growth in 2016. I haven’t chosen my word, I guess I need to get on it. I love Origami Owl. I’ll send people your way if I have anyone asking 😉


  3. That’s a great choice for the new year. Too often we are measuring ourselves in inches, dollars, boxes checked. But to instead focus on growth is a great idea.

  4. I hope your Origami Owl business goes through the roof! I think growth is an excellent focus word for the year, by the way.

  5. Yeah for me I normally have a long list but this year I thought one word would help me stay focused.

  6. Yes can’t wait to hear what word you pick for your word of the year. Oh I’d be very appreciative if you could send business my way. (I linked up my page for Origami Owl now)

  7. Thank you, I’d love to be able to start earning enough to pay off some larger bills.

  8. Hey from Sverve!!! I sell OO2…small world! My words this year are no more BS and CHANGE! LOL Actually trying to come up with a good title that won’t come off making me sound like a complete b***h. 😉

    Those are two areas I want for my personal and business growth. Good luck to you!

  9. I’m looking forward to reading about the journey when you do write it! I love the idea of choosing a word for the year, but I’ve yet to find one for myself. The way you’ve laid out your thoughts and plans seems like a great way to ring in the new year. Best of luck to you this year – I hope you have outstanding growth and also find happiness along the way in 2016.

  10. Nice to meet you. Sorry this missed my email so I didn’t see it. I love your words for this year. I totally agree, I want things to only get better.

  11. Excited to hear how it went! As a fellow blogger and MLM business owner, I know things can be a bit hectic. Glad we’ve connected through Mom Dot! xoxo

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