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We Made it!

Well I did it, I finally drove on a highway with traffic and bridges. Thankfully even though our course would take us through St.Louis and scare the you know what out of me, I never did it.  Once we left Lees Summit, Missouri I knew I was going to deal with things I never thought I’d have to do. See being afraid of driving has worked for us since we were only a one car family for so long. Now I must get over the whole driving thing since we will be apart for a while.Indiana Welcome Center

Anyways, we made it in two days. We had to stop one day as I had a college assignment due and no way to do it driving. Thankfully the rain stayed away from us while driving too, which was a big concern of mine.

As you can tell by the pictures the kids are enjoying the use of the backyard. Since there is a face they are spending more time outdoors then they did in Lees Summit. Even Little A is outside running and playing tag, it’s cute to see him run up to them and yell, “you it” and run off giggling. Course the older ones are getting a bit stir crazy, last night we walked around the neighborhood in the hopes of spotting even one child but it didn’t happen. Today, SoccerBoy went on a walk with that same hope, but it didn’t happen. I tried explaining many will be in due to the heat or away on vacation. Something tells me they don’t believe me.Passing soccer ball

What were some fun things you remember about moving into a new place?  The kids have already found their favorite spots to sit and read or play video games. The girls like their walk in closet for their space. SoccerBoy likes sitting near windows and Little A seems fascinated with the hall closet, he even claimed the bottom two shelves for his clothes since he saw everyone else claiming closets.  Can ya tell they love being outside? The picture here is SoccerBoy passing the soccerball off to Little A and the girls (BabyGirl in the yellow shirt) waiting to get it from him.

Well time for me to get back on track with the #31DBBB I’ve been away long enough. Plus SoccerBoy wants on Yoursphere, yes he still LOVES that site.

About that list I made:

Kids playing soccer– Drove to Indiana (woo hoo)
–  Still deciding on furniture but found out movers will be here at the end of the week. Yes, we are without things for a whole week. FUN FUN. Thank goodness we bought things in the hotel right?
–  I began the 8 week Lumixyl’s Topical Brightening System and must say it made my face feel really clean, but it did turn my cheeks red. I’ll write the review later, remember it is an 8 week course.
–  lose weight-  ummm not sure as there is no scale. But I’m not eating out all the time so that helps.
–  Kids and I have began a walk schedule but it looks like, at least until movers get here we’ll be walking a LOT during the week.
–  I go tomorrow to enroll the girls, Wednesday to enroll SoccerBoy.

Just about finished that to do list. I still have a few things left but looks like I’ll be writing up a new one soon.

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  1. Hey lady! I found you through 31dbb and just wanted to say hi! Glad you got moved ok, and your kiddos are adorable!! I hope they find some neighbor kids soon! I’m so glad to “meet” you!
    Dawn 🙂

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