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Watching the Town’s Tree Lighting!

Over the weekend we got to watch our first real tree lighting. The town gathered together a block away from our town library in the ‘old downtown’ area and gathered around a very tall pine tree. Apparently this pine tree they have had growing there for many, many years and every year they decorate it and then light it a week before Thanksgiving. I love the tradition.

As the kids and I (hubby had to sleep a bit, bad headache) gathered to the meeting area we saw the townspeople gather around as well. There were two concession stands where church’s were passing out hot chocolate and cookies/cupcakes for those that wanted them. The kids had to have a cupcake but no hot chocolate this time around.

The high school was up front on the stand and sang to us some Christmas Carols, even the kids and I were singing it a bit. We made sure not to get too loud in case it was frowned upon. Soon we saw a horse drawn carriage come up the road, it was a bit odd seeing this as there were trucks and vans going up and down too. The carriage would be for after the lighting of the tree, people could pay $2 to ride around the block with Santa. After was also crafts for kids over at the library.

A few minutes after spotting the empty horse carriage we saw it appear again, but this time Santa was in it. The kids went nuts, screaming and shouting “Santa.” As Santa pulled in everyone spotted his wife beside him. Yes, Mrs. Clause was there too.

They slowly made their way up to the front and they counted backwards to have the lights go on. Don’t think I didn’t get pictures of the kids with santa either. Of course I did. Have you ever gone to a tree lighting? I think we’ll go every year from here on out. I love this town.

3 thoughts on “Watching the Town’s Tree Lighting!

  1. You know what’s funny, I’ve lived in that city my whole life and have never actually gone to the tree lighting. 🙂 I love driving in that area during the holidays, it’s lit up so beautifully. Be sure to drive downtown to the circle after Thanksgiving, the “tree” downtown is amazing.

  2. I’ll definitely do that. If you ever know of other things going on with the city I would love to know. I grew up on military bases but it is so much different out here in the real world. I love all the new things. 🙂 Love even more watching my kids take part in them.

  3. Great tradition! Looks like they had fun!

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