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Uses for Karo Syrup

The Many Recipes Using Karo Syrup

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Okay my husband and I disagree on something….Syrup. He hates syrup and can’t stand Karo Syrup. I just love the stuff, my dad got me hooked on it when I was a little girl. For those that do not know, karo syrup is a corn syrup.

Did you ever use Karo Syrup instead of Ms. Butterworth? For those that may not know Karo Syrup comes in dark or light, it is a corn syrup, mildly sweet syrup derived from corn starch.

This is normally an ingredient used to make candies, cereal bars, etc. There are many recipes using karo syrup. Do you use any?

dark karo syrup
Dark Karo Syruplightkaro

10 Recipes using Karo Syrup for:

clear lollipops with sprinkles
homemade soft caramels
pecan pies
homemade candy corn
rock candy
old fashioned homemade marshmallows
homemade almond joys
Caramel corn popcorn by Gimme Some Oven
homemade bubbles

Now back to the topic, like I said my husband says I eat my food wrong so I’m going to ask you to decide.  Which do you prefer?

Things I use Karo Syrup on:
scrambled eggs
hashed browns
see a pattern here?

Now to be fair this is how my husband eats the things I eat. I’m sure many of you out there eat it his way too but I wanted to see.

Things My husband eats:
scrambled eggs (ikk)
cheeseburger (no, I don’t use syrup on it)
hash browns

Now what does he put on all these things that I don’t:  …. ketchup. Yuck! I can’t stand the stuff. Okay, so how do you eat the food mentioned above? What are other recipes that use karo syrup?

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