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Truman Weekend

BalletGirl has a report to write about on Harry S. Truman so we thought it would be a bit fun for her and the rest of the family if we went up to the local museum to learn so stuff.
Once on the road and only a minute away BabyGirl got sick in the backseat, all over her jacket but she immediately said she was fine and ready to go forward. It was cold but we still went, BalletGirl even gave up her own jacket for her little sister. Doesn’t she look cold in that picture? I’m proud of her though.
I took a few quick pictures of them outside standing around the bell but we decided it was way to cold to wait around outside and read exactly what it was. Inside we were told it was Bess Truman’s Birthday and there’d be an additional show later on. BalletGirl quickly wrote the date of Bess’ birthday and grabbed a bunch of literature that was in the little racks.
Forward march. HALT! Look up, there is a painted moral on the wall of indians and settlers, some are handing each other items, etc. Pass under the entry way and enter the world of Harry Truman, read how he would sign his name to 600 papers a day and get up at 5am.  We got some nice pictures of the kids trying out clothes from the Truman days, standing beside statues and finally with a man that was about to do a show.
BalletGirl has been doing a lot of work on her report and I can’t wait to see the finished product and the grade to go with. This was a fun trip and I think they learned a lot. They definitely learned about Japan and the Atomic bomb blasts which they had a ton of questions about before we went.
Our daughter was so excited but I think she was more impressed that her teacher met Harry Truman when she was a little girl. Apparently he use to walk the streets of Independence and she’d see him a lot.
What do you do when your kids have a report to write? Do you stick with books or go out and explore it? This was fun and am kind of hoping they have another. It’s funny, growing up I never cared to learn about history…heck I didn’t even like it. But today not only do I love it but I have three kids that love it just as much.

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  1. That's so much more fun than just reading about someone! Glad y'all had a place nearby to visit!

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