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Top 10 Things to Bring to Hotels When You Have Kids

It doesn’t matter if it is Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall, chances are if you are planning on staying at a hotel with kids you will more than likely drive yourself nuts trying to remember every little thing that needs to be with you.  Keep in mind I’m the mother to five and we’ve stayed in our fair share of hotels/motels through out the years. Here’s a quick list of ideas of what to bring to a hotel if you have kids:

1. Clothes– Depending on how many days you will be on the road will determine the amount of clothes. Keep in mind the child you are packing for and how often the clothes will be washed while on vacation. Those that play hard or make a bunch of messes will probably need two extra outfits … just in case. You may also want to consider bringing a long sleeve for the person that always gets cold at night, kicks off covers or complains in restaurants.

Tip: Don’t forget to grab the undies and socks. Leaving it to the kids mean they might forget or not grab enough.

2. Swimsuits– I don’t care what season is it, chances are if the hotel has a pool it is open and heated. Your child will be so upset if they can’t get in because they don’t have a swim suit. It’ll also save your the running around in the hotel room as you try keeping them quiet. Be sure to check what the pool hours are though. If the towels aren’t in the pool room you can normally ask the front desk for a few. You don’t want to be a hotel with kids and no swimsuits.

Tip: This is a great way to get restless children to fall asleep easier at night. Helps to wear them out.

3. Books– How many have been to a hotel with kids and forgot to bring other forms of entertainment? Books have been a life saver and seem to keep everyone entertained. The only issue you might have is needing to buy another book on the road if they finish the first. I always pack 2 books per person just because of this.

4. Toys– Small toys are great to bring to a hotel when you have kids. Normally I tell the girls to pack one Barbie and one other favorite toy or two if it is small (Littlest Pet Shop). Youngest son gets the most as I grab a handful of hot wheels, a few action figures and then a handful of army men.  If you don’t bring a toy or two you will more than likely hear “I’m bored.” Or have them wanting to jump on the beds or run across the room, upsetting those below you if you happen to be on something besides the first floor.

5. Video games/card games– Video games seem to keep everyone entertained, young and old so this is always a winner. While I wouldn’t always recommend bringing a gaming system to a hotel, but when you have kids and plan on staying longer than a weekend it will help.  You may want to consider how many kids you have and if they will share nicely. Card games are another fabulous item and there is always the card section (on the go) in the toy department that has a ton of Hasbro card games for $5-8.

6. DVDs– Keep in mind that sometimes not all hotel televisions will be working, with storms the channels may be out (been there and done that) Okay this one is a bit touchy depending if your hotel room has a DVD player, but we always bring our portable one just in case. Bringing a few DVDs your child will like will ensure a few moments of quiet time as you run to take a bath/shower. I always like letting the kids pick out a new movie right before we hit the road so it is something special and they can’t wait to watch it.

7. Coloring Books/Crayons– What child doesn’t like to color? Even the young ones love to put those big sticks in their hand and see what they create. Recently I took a shot of the kids coloring in their giant coloring book, I did end up having to purchase another book for them. It kept them occupied and there was no arguing.

Tip: I normally take the crayons out of the box and place them in a ziploc bag… just in case.

8. Toiletries– This should include anything you could possibly use in the restroom. If you already know you are going to be in a hotel more than 2-3 days or if you have more than just two in a hotel room, you should probably purchase your own bottle of shampoo/conditioner. The hotels do supply you with a small bottle of shampoo and conditioner but if you have thick hair like I do than it won’t even work for half your hair. I normally put my bottle of shampoo/conditioner in a ziploc bag and put in a separate bag from everything else just in case it leaks.

Don’t forget toothpaste/brushes for everyone. The toothpaste is best to place in a baggy of its own too just in case it gets squished somehow it doesn’t ooze out. Nothing worse than finding toothpaste in your hairbrush. Ewww.

Tip: Bring one roll of toilet paper, just in case you run out.

9. Baby Essentials– Most people tend to remember all these but here’s a quick baby list: Diapers, wipes, teething rings, orajel, diaper creme, lotion, shampoo. If the baby is trying to potty train, bring extra underwear and if possible a portable potty or the lid for the potty.

10. Bedding– Sleeping bags, blankets and pillows always comes in hand especially if you get a room with one or two beds and have more than that many children. Kids love to go camping and will have fun laying in sleeping bags on the floor as long as they have their own. Pillows and blankets also help in the car when kids complain they are cold or tired.

I know I stated this is a top 10 list to Bring to Hotels with your kids, but I have one more suggestion for you. Always bring an extra towel or two because there never seems to be enough for the family. While staying at this hotel I learned it wasn’t always clean, thankfully I had Clorox Wipes on hand and have been able to wipe the room down to my liking. I’m sure I’m not the only one with that issue. What do you recommend to bring to a hotel with kids?

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Things to Bring to Hotels When You Have Kids

  1. Great reminders! I really like the tip to put the crayons in a ziplock and the bedding tip. Some hotels will offer Pack n Play, but the familiar bedding is a biggie for the little munchkins.


  2. Couple weeks ago we stayed in a hotel w/the kids and your right have those 10 items because we did use all of them. The one thing I need to remember is MY PILLOW…I sleep much better on my very own pillow. I remember every one’s but mine of course. We leave again this weekend to PICK UP the kids so I only have to pack for myself-hopefully get the pillow this time 🙂

  3. Great List Post! 🙂 A great topic to write about for sure!
    Thanks for stopping by Peek at My Paper and linking up!
    It is nice meeting you.
    Good Luck with the other challenges.

  4. I love your bedding idea.. that’s so true that kids will sleep on the floor just because it’s like camping out. This is something I’ll need to keep in mind as my kids get older!

  5. Great list! I’m glad you’ll be in your own home soon, though!

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