The Life of a Home Mom

To Do List, Old habits are Hard to Break

Today is just a quick list of things I want to do to prepare for Superbowl Sunday, hopefully I get them all done.

– Post here (check, once I hit publish)
– Clean out my fridge and give it a good washing.
– Make my vision board of what I think and want of “ME”
– Do a load of laundry
– Have BabyGirl read to me from her two books (Dad and Sam & Rags)
– Kitchen & Dining room

Earlier this week, in doing my Challenge (100 day) I promised myself every day I’d get dressed nice, put on some make up (not much) and do my hair up nice. I’ve done that and am starting to feel really good about myself. Now two days ago I had kids take a few shots of me but I deleted all of them, I analyzed everything. So today, we did it again and I am putting it up here. I think the first way to discover myself and who I am is to accept myself for me. This includes shapes, sizes and all. I think I look nice here too. I’ll add more as I go through the challenge, maybe not every day but that’s fine.

If you recall two years ago I blogged about wanting to be more than just a mom or looking like one, I think I’m trying to come over that. I want to be a HOT mom, if I must be placed in some mom category. I know I’m not the only mom that feels like this so I think it is safe to say here. Am I right?

Okay so that explains why I added the pic (yes it is a blur). Now moving on, hehe. I need to make a grocery list and see what everyone wants to do if anything for superbowl weekend. We won’t be watching but I’ll check online to see who wins, unless I can make the tv work. (hoping) I lot has happened in this past week, but I won’t discuss it here at this time. On the school front- things are going well, been a bit distracted this week so didn’t do any of the work, which means I’ll be hitting it today.

Old habits are hard to break, however I’m going to try to limit two things in life and replace them with something else. What are they? My biggest source of caffeine, Starbucks and soda. I noticed how much I’ve been drinking in the past month and am ashamed by it. (I’ve been judgemental about how much the husband smokes, I can’t say much about that habit if I have one of my own.) So this is in an attempt to get it out of my system and break my own habit. As for soda that was drank mostly if it was in the house, because it was here. I hate water, so I’m replacing it with that. Who knows maybe this will help me get thinner and down to a weight I feel comfortable being in. I no longer want to be disgusted with the way I look. I really want to feel good about me, and know I look good. (part of that 100 day thing) I think the Starbucks was more of a pick me up and made me feel special, which I’m still exploring why. I know I can do this, I did it back in Lejeune but know it’ll take at least 30 days to break a habit but you must start small. I had one today, that’ll be all for me. (one a day that is, or less if I can)

Got any goals for the week? Month? Plans for Superbowl Sunday? I did win a prize package which I’m really excited about getting from MomReviews. Thanks again Elizabeth.

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