The Life of a Home Mom

The Summer is Coming…

It’s official we went out and bought a swimming pool and a …… slip-n-slide today. We originally went just to get Little A and I some short sleeved shirts, yes I hadn’t left my winter wardrobe yet and the hubby got too hot just watching me. lol.

Once at WallyWorld we decided it was hot enough to buy BabyGirl a pool, we decided on the small two ring since it would be the perfect size for her. It was only $5, can’t beat that price. Course it wasn’t until we got home and blew it up that we realized even she is too big for it. See it’s the type you blow the two rings up but then you blow the floor up and it makes it to only be one ring deep…not two. Perfect for me to hold Little A up in but all she can do is lay flat and do nothing…not fun. We’ll be buying her a bigger pool this upcoming weekend, not going back out in town this weekend.

The slip-n-slide….I’m the type of mom that hates these, always have and always will. But hubby bought one anyways and it isn’t just the original type, this one actually has two built into one with just a small white line thing going between them but I’m still making them take turns. I can picture it now, they both go down at the same time and bang heads or something at the end. Ouch!

I also saw a few lawn chairs I wanted that were only $9.95 and on the other side of the rack they had another type for $49.99. Nope, didn’t get them this time, not enough room in the van. Will be going up during the week.

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