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The Beginner’s Bible: Teaches Stories From the Bible

Disclosure: I was sent this book for review purposes. I do have affiliate links throughout this post, if you click on them I might make a few pennies.

Introduce Your Child to the Bible with The Beginner’s Bible

The Beginner Bible

The Beginner’s Bible  (purchase it here) will introduce your young child to the bible, in short, easy-to-read stories from the bible. Each story is short and made so that your child will understand it with colorful pictures on each page. Follow along as you journey through the beginning of life (Adam & Eve), sail down the Nile with baby Moses (in his basket) to Noah’s Ark.

Beginner's Bible Cover

About the Beginner’s Bible:

The Beginner’s Bible has been a favorite with young children and their parents since it was released in 1989 with over 25 Million products sold. Now it’s redesigned with fresh new art that will excite children for many more year to come. Full of faith and fun, The Beginner’s Bible is a wonderful gift for any child. The easy-to-red text and bright, full-color illustrations on every page make it a perfect way to introduce young children to the stories and characters of the Bible. With new vibrant three-dimensional art and compelling text, more than 90 Bible stores come to life. Kids ages 6 and under will enjoy the fun illustrations of Noah helping the elephant onto the ark, Jonah praying inside the fish, and more, as they discover The Beginner’s Bible just like millions of children before. The Beginner’s Bible was named 2006 Retailer Choice Award winner in Children’s Nonfiction.

My Kids & The Beginner’s Bible:

The Beginner's Bible Noah's Ark

When we got the Bible in the mail the kids were excited to flip through it. Before moving back out to Indiana I was a Sunday School teacher and taught a class from age 4-15. My kids enjoyed re-living the stories I had once shared with them in my own class and now were reading about in their book.

Who is the Beginner’s Bible for?

The Beginner’s Bible is Perfect for Kids that have just begun reading. While it is great to be able to read the bible to our kids, it is just as important for them to be able to read it on their own as well.  I loved this bible because now Nicoli, who was too young at the time will have stories to go through with his siblings even when I’m not at home. Since they already know them they will enjoy sharing their thoughts and memories of what I taught with him.

I think the journey through The Beginner’s Bible is a great one. If you read or heard the stories in your childhood you will slip back into time and remember then and be able to see the differences. Plus the pictures are cute! I love the one below. Isn’t it funny?

Beginner's Bible David's Armor

Crafts to Go Along with The Beginner’s Bible

I have always loved to teach my children and reading the bible is no different. Some of my kids love to learn by doing crafts to tie with what they are learning. A few like to play games and others are fine just reading.  It tends to help them remember what they were taught when they do crafts. Over at their website they have more games to play, coloring pages to download, and mazes.

Bible Craft ideas for the Beginner’s Bible

God’s Promise– A beautiful cloud with a quote (Genesis 9:13) glued to it. Streaming down would be every color (rainbow) streamers hanging off the cloud. This can be easily hung in a child’s room or refrigerator.

Coat of Many Colors can be done using a paper bag and gluing or coloring with all the colors. We took a bunch of crepe paper (streamer paper) and cut them into rectangles and glued them onto the bag. Don’t forget to cut out the armholes and neck holes. If you cut straight down the middle of the bag it opens into a vest. Kids had a lot of fun with this.

Jonah in the Whale– This one is always a favorite. You’ll need a clothespin and draw a big fish/whale. Cut the whale in two right along his mouth to his tail. Glue the top portion to the upper part of the clothespin, the bottom part to the bottom of the clothespin. Don’t forget to draw Jonah and cut him out. He will be placed on the opposite side of the clothespin inside the Whale’s mouth. Every time you squeeze the clothespin his mouth will open and you will see Jonah. Release the clothespin and the whale clothes Jonah into his belly.

If you like these ideas feel free to check out my pinterest board for Sunday School Craft ideas.

“Disclosure:  I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.”

14 thoughts on “The Beginner’s Bible: Teaches Stories From the Bible

  1. Julie Waldron says:

    I’ve always like the story of Jesus’s birth.

  2. I’ve always loved the book of Job. I’ve had a lot of major trials in my life and would read that book to show the relationship between God and Job. When he questioned God, God said “where were you when I created the world?” I love that.

  3. Margaret S Porter says:

    I love Jonah and the Whale. My grandson thinks its a wonderful story!. He loves David and Goliath too

  4. Shea Adams says:

    I love Noahs ark and am excited to read about Jonah and the whale to my son!

  5. Vikki Billings says:

    My favorite is Johna and the Whale….Love that story and I know my grandkids will love it too.

  6. I have always loved the Noah’s Ark story.

  7. susan smoaks says:

    i have always loved the story about david and goliath.

  8. I like the story of jonah and the whale:)

  9. Julia Barnes says:

    I’ve always liked the story of Zaccheus.

  10. My favorite has always been the judgment of king Solomon.

  11. I’ve always admired Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego when they were faced with denying God or facing dire consequences, and how God came through for them.

  12. Jennifer Bay says:

    My favorite is Noahs Arc and I think my son would love it!

  13. Dana Matthews says:

    I’ve always love the birth of Jesus story. I look forward to sharing the story of the resurrection with my girls this upcoming holiday.

  14. Donna Kozar says:

    Jonah and the Whale

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