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Shemar Moore and The Bounce Back Movie

Shemar Moore has a Movie Coming Out!!

I am so excited to tell you all about this exciting new opportunity I get to do and share with you. First I’ll give you a clue…. look off to the right side of my blog, you see that little graphic with the heart?  Yes, that’s right, that one.  I am one of the lucky bloggers that get to work with Shemar Moore to help get funds for and promote his upcoming film, “The Bounce Back.”
Which means we’ll be seeing a lot more of Shemar Moore. EEEEEKkk! For those that do not know ‘Criminal Minds’ is one of my favorite TV shows and I love, love, love the relationship between Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) and Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness).  I don’t know what I’d do if they ever took one of them off, well I do, I’d quit watching it.
Shemar Moore

The Bounce Back

I really, really want to tell you about the movie he has coming out but the only problem with that is it isn’t just yet. See right now Shemar Moore found a movie script he really likes and wants to produce it and is asking all of you for help. He doesn’t want to have to ask financiers/investors to produce this movie because, well basically it becomes all about the money and stops being about the movie/script that he is so passionate about. He doesn’t want it to lose what it has. He wants the movie produced the way he believes it should be, without adding touches that investors will do. Instead he figured out it would cost roughly $3M. But if he can get just half of that, he will finance the other half.

Bounce Back through IndieGoGo

Wow, right?He set up his fundraiser on which has his video explaining everything he wants to do, has an updates tab to let you know what’s going on, a comment page, a funder page and a photo gallery. According to Campaign page Shemar Moore only has 28 more days to reach his goal of $500,000 and currently he is at $193,566. Can you help out? Did I mention there is are perks for those that help him out? They start at $15 contributions and go up from there. Being part of the movement, getting t-shirts, the movie book, get to visit the set of Criminal Minds, hang out with Shemar and watch Criminal Minds, etc.
Curious what “The Bounce Back” is all about?
The Bounce Back

“The Bounce Back” is a heartfelt romantic comedy about finding the courage to love after love has let you down. #TheBounceBack

The slightly longer version:

Matthew loses his wife, his first love and after a short recovery creates a best selling book and a system of survival in order to shield himself from the pain. He throws himself into a year long speaking tour.
That system of survival; his book and speaking tour, keeps him from falling in love again when he meets the perfect girl, the beautiful and zany Kristin Moreland. Matthew realizes that he has to renounce his book and the world he has created around it in order to take the big unknown plunge of letting himself fall in love again. 

What do you do when you get hurt?

Everyone puts up a shield when they’ve been hurt, it doesn’t matter if it was on purpose or not. Hurt is hurt, there is nothing worse than a broken heart and the pain that goes with that runs so deep that it can destroy a life. Can you blame him for not wanting to love again? For him loving could mean losing again? It’s best to keep with his book, or at least that’s the way he deals with the loss of his wife. Shemar Moore admits to being really passionate about love and that rules are thrown out the window when it comes to love.

I don’t know about you but I already want to help him out, which I am happy to say I will be helping as much as I can by getting word out about this. This really is one of the first times bloggers can really show they have pull and can help fund a movie. Won’t it be cool when this movie is a success and you can say you had a part in it?

The video below is Shemar Moore explaining what exactly he is doing in his words.

Now it’s your turn to help:

Visit the Indiegogo campaign page and make a donation, or help spreading the word through social media and/or your web page.
Follow them on Twitter: @bouncebackfilm and @shemarmoore
Like them on Facebook:
Official Hashtag:#TheBounceBack

After you pledge, tell your family and friends about the project. Tell your neighbors! Tweet about it! Facebook it! Social Media is a key marketing technique and could be a major factor in the success of The Bounce Back film! #TheBounceBack

Disclosure:  I was asked to participate in this campaign by the Bounce Back Film Campaign as part of a first-of-its-kind blogger initiative. I will cover the making of the movie from fundraising to premiere throughout the next year. I am being provided promotional material, giveaways and exclusive interviews but this is not a paid post. As always, my opinions are my own.

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