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School’s Almost Out

Guess what? The kids only have 17 more days of school left. EEEEKKK! By the way this is school days not actual days but I’m sure if I asked the kids they’d tell me exact days. How many of you remember the count down to the last day of school? I remember counting down not only the last day but those last few minutes until it got to seconds. We’d all sit there and watch the clock and then count down from a minute and dash out the classroom door. It wasn’t that we were going anywhere different but it was the fact that we no longer had to sit in a classroom every day until 3.

I remember a few instances when some of us would be totally prepared for the after school fun. Growing up in the desert made for a very hot walk home, that is unless you brought water guns and balloons. hahaha. That’s right we’d fill these up and have our little wars all the way home. It was a lot of fun and full of memories. Course it was also a time when we didn’t get in trouble for bringing water guns and no one thought they were anything but fun. Another memory is everyone saving their money and going to the PX (I was a military child) and purchasing all types of junk food and sodas. We’d meet up at a park or go to the top of the hill behind the hospital and just have at it. It was simpler times, at least when you compare it to today. Children were free to roam and didn’t have to worry and you saw more of them. I’ve noticed out here you don’t see them as you drive around, not unless it’s on your own street.

It’s been many years since that last countdown but even that day was fun, for me though it would mark the beginning of my married life. Well, almost…we actually got married two days after I graduated. Got any memories to share?

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