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Save Money Using Groupon Coupons

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Groupon Coupons. All opinions are mine.

Save Money Groupon Coupons

Saving Money Using Groupon Coupons Isn’t Hard

Saving money is a fun activity. No, really it is and you can do it.  Many look at saving money as something that is only for the experts, but that isn’t true. Using groupon coupons makes this so much easier. Ready to go on a hunt?

STOP! If you have never used this store before there is a pop up that will give you a 25% discount using checkout code “Hello25” (first timers only). You can also look at things directly in your area. For Indianapolis (nearby city) I can save up to 70% from 1000 stores in my area. That’s a great deal!

First, the site itself offers up the top trends/best deals right off the bat. Currently I see some Dominos offers and Fandango (we love movies so this would be one I’d look into) which is a Free movie rental with gift card purchase. Awesome deal right? Planning on going out to eat this weekend? Check out the site and see if there are deals for your favorite restaurants and chop your bill in half.

Hunting Groupon Coupons for Rue21:

The site is super, user friendly. I went straight to the search bar and typed in Rue21, this is my girls’ favorite store. Lets see if they have any deals for us. Currently there are 56 coupons available for that store! SCORE!

Free Shipping today! So if I wanted to purchase a Christmas gift or something for New Year’s Eve this would be perfect. But wait they also have 25% off your next order, this would be good at the store (offer is for either instore or online). They have a clearance sale as low as $2, swim wear as low as $5, etc.

Groupon Coupons Shari Berries Deals:

Now that you’ve got your clothing items lets pick out a few treats to send loved ones. Shari Berries Coupons (13 available coupons) always has a great selection of gift baskets to send out. I tried Shari Berries before and they are delicious.  Groupon Coupons offers discounts on Christmas baskets currently at half price Christmas cookies $15 instead of $30 and Gourmet Dipped Strawberries for the same price. I loved the gourmet apple dipped ones.

Four Tips to Save you Money:

  1. Before going out to eat, check Groupon Coupons and see if there are any deals in your area. Sometimes there are coupons for a free appetizer with a purchase of a meal. Wouldn’t it be better to save a few bucks that can be put in your gas tank?
  2. Make a price list on the item you want to purchase. Go online and see if there are any deals, check Groupon Coupons to see if there is a better deal.
  3. Try to find coupons for everything you buy.
  4. Make sure those coupons are saving you money. Sometimes a product isn’t on sale and it makes you pay more.

Do you have any other tips?

1 thought on “Save Money Using Groupon Coupons

  1. craftyone says:

    I look for coupon codes to use whenever I shop online. I have not used groupon to find any. Thanks!

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