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I thought this would be the perfect place to find all my reviews online and on this site.

If you have a product that you’d like for Homemom3 to review: Here are the details about the Homemom3 Household: Do We Review Products?


A MomGadget Review – Fizzix: It’s a Fun Snack
Mother’s Intuition Set – A MomGadget Review
Little Capers
Innobaby Packin’ SMART®
Word World
Tip e Toes Baby Bottle Holder
Days Ago Digital Day Counter
The Fairy Chronicles

Reviewing Toys

Review: Pokemon Leaf Green Game
Review: My Little Pony So Soft Good Morning Sunshine
Review: Clutch & Crinkle Ball
Review: Infantino Hippo Gym


LaLa Natural’s Baby Rattles
Net Jet Rulz!
Noah’s Pals Batteries Not Included
Fun Crafts for Girls (Spotz) Spotz: Design ‘N Write Board, Spotz: Messenger bag and the Spotz: Spotz Maker.

Upcoming Reviews:

Potty Watch
Word World: Happy Birthday Dog
Kazoo Toys- Yo-yo pack
Magic Show 100 piece
Hooked on Phonics: Electronic Learning Musical Letter Twist
Hooked on Phonics: Phonics word Master
Hooked on Phonics: Electronic learning Smart Sticks Numbers (bilingual)
T-Rex Dinosaur Battle Board Game
Families with Purpose:
Dinner Games & activities
Beginner Dinner Games
Mom’s Family Calendar
Mom’s Family Desk Planner
Your Baby Can Read
Bob Books
Fortune Tootsies
Snoozer pillows -Upper, body, jr.
Jake Baby
Freeze It
The Touch Game by Anthony Innovations Inc

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