The Life of a Home Mom

Puberty Talk

SoccerBoy is excited, he announced yesterday that he is growing black hair on his knees so he must be going through puberty. Of course this only does one thing in a house full of kids that have never heard the phrase.

“Mom, what’s puberty?” – BalletGirl
“Oh, I knew that, I meant for a boy.” – BalletGirl
“I want a puberty?” – BabyGirl
“I don’t want my voice to squeak mom.” – SoccerBoy

Crying in the background is heard, I don’t think Little A wants to talk about this subject.

“I’m going to get BOOBS!” – BalletGirl
“Will it come with milk too like momma?” – BalletGirl
“You can feed Little A, sissy.” – BabyGirl who now wants puberty too.

Yeah and we haven’t even got to the best part of the discussion yet. I can’t wait. Joy, joy, joy. That was the talk last night, after SoccerBoy discovered his hair on his KNEES. (wait until other parts grow in) This morning BalletGirl got make-up put on her, but not by me…DADDY. PINK at that, eyeshadow. hehe, now she thinks she’s already hit puberty.


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