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Prayer Journals for Kids (Made Easy)

Nicoli asked me if I could make him his very own Daily Prayer Journal. Why? Simple, school is starting and he is afraid he’ll forget about praying like he has been all summer long. So I’ve decided I’d make him an easy printable prayer journal that he can pick and choose what goes in it.

What is a prayer journal for kids?

A prayer journal is just like it sounds, a little journal for kids to write down their prayers to God and keep track of their prayers. This is very much like a diary where they can go back through and read and see when God has answered their prayers. This can help them learn gratitude by seeing the things God has done for them. It will also teach them that God is their friend (someone not to be afraid of) and that you can tell him ANYTHING. Not to mention you can pray during the good times and bad.

The Difference between a Daily Prayer journal and a Prayer Journal?

The only difference between a daily prayer journal and a prayer journal is sometimes a prayer journal is only used for those big-time prayers or weekly. A daily one means they are writing in it every day, discussing their thoughts with God, possibly writing down bible verses to memorize, etc. It all depends on what you put in the journal. Remember you can form a habit in 21 days, this would be a great habit to form in your kids.

Prayer journal freebie

Click on the picture above or here to download your 2-page Prayer Journal for Kids made easy. Remember you can print it as many times as you’d like. If you want to make it a habit try 30, after a month if they are still into it make another one or purchase their first prayer journal and have them pick it out.

Printable Prayer Journal Made Easy for Kids

This printable prayer journal will more than likely have one page printed multiple times. I thought some of ya’ll would like it for yourselves or your children as well. It is simple with just a few blank boxes where they can draw or write in words, and phrases that they want to pray for. At the top of the page is a spot to place a daily bible verse or weekly if you choose. I always make him write the bible verse to help him remember it.

Download the digital printable and print off the page as many times as you like. (This is free, no selling these please.) Once you’ve printed off your pages have fun making them into a little book with your kid or surprise them. If you have a hole punch stick them in a binder or string yard or ribbon through them. I would suggest wrapping a pencil to this book using the yarn and tieing it to it. This will be a fun thing for them to look back on but also help them keep track of all the wonderful things God is doing in their daily lives.

Teach your child to pray with a prayer journal

Free Prayer Journal Printables

Here’s a list of FREE printable prayer journal pages for you to download and print to add to your little book. While some kids love simple there are others that like to have a variety of choices to make it their own.

Teaching your kids to pray is a great step in teaching them how to growth their faith. Remember they are always watching you. The more you read the bible and write in your prayer journal the more they will want to copy you.

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