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Origami Owl Jewelry Review

Disclosure: This post was wrote over two years ago, I’ve since joined this company however the links have changed to my own pages as per Michelle’s request.

origamiowlWhat woman doesn’t like some type of jewelry? I don’t know about you but I love jewelry and from what I’ve noticed most women do, whether it is a necklace, bracelet, rings, anklets, earrings, etc there is something for you. For a very long time now I have wanted a locket or a mother’s ring. You know what I mean about a Mother’s ring, the type that has the birthstone or your children’s name in it. I was recently approached by an Origami Owl representative, Michelle Freatman, to see if I’d like to review some of their jewelry. Of course I jumped at the chance, I had seen Origami Owl posts from time to time and played with the idea of what my story would be if I ever bought one. But now I was getting a chance to review one.

origami owl review

For those of you that do not know. Origami Owl was created by a 15 year old girl by the name of Bella, she wanted to create enough money to purchase her own car on her 16th birthday and founded this company to do that. Those that know me, know I love supporting any child entrepreneurs so I was even more impressed with the company.  Not only did she make her dreams come true by purchasing her white Jeep but she gave 1000s of people a job and there are 1000s that wait to become representatives. Plus she enjoys going to schools and giving out gifts. I can only imagine all the good seeds she is planting by doing this.

Back to the Origami Owl review, Michelle, actually let me pick anything. I was a bit afraid at first to pick just anything. But I’d always wanted my story of my kids and my site and I let her know and warned her that I had 5 kids. Honestly, I thought she’d tell me just to choose one birthstone, locket, chain, dangle and that would be it. Nope, not only did she let me get all my kids in there she added surprises for me.

origami owl jewelry

This came in a small rectangle origami box and inside were-  2 take out Origami Boxes ~ These are adorable. The side says “You tell stories with words. We tell stories with Jewelry.” The other side is a picture of an origami owl holding an origami necklace in its hand. Now what goes great with Chinese take out boxes? Sweet fortune cookies do and these have a great surprise inside.  Inside was the jewelry all safe and sound some were in their own bags but there was also this little gem which would be perfect for holding charms (picture below).

origami owl pouch

First, if you are ordering from the Origami Owl website it is a  pretty easy 5 step process

1.  Pick a locket – the site says pick your charms first but I think you need to know what type of locket you are going to put them in before choosing your charms. Currently there are 15 to choose from.
2.  Charms – (7 pieces fit into my large locket) There are all types of birthstone types to choose from, hobbies, initials, etc
3.  Chains – 21 chains to choose from either silver or gold, chain or ball, long or short, etc
4.  Pick a Dangle – These are just a single piece that hangs down beside the locket. Items such as a key, owl,
5.  Plates–  Pick between small, medium or large. You pick between rose gold, silver and gold.  This will add a background if you need one or a bit of personality to your locket.Each piece is engraved with a single word such as Family, believe, Inspire, dream, etc

Okay six steps because you have to pay. 🙂 But I’m sure you knew that part.


Wondering what was all in my Origami boxes?

–  5 birthstone charms. I picked 3 boy birthstone charms (2 March, 1 April) and 2 girl birthstone charms (July & August).
–  1 laptop charm ~ this represents my site and internet
–  1 gold heart charm that reads “Mom”
–  1 silver heart charm that reads “Family”
–  1 March crystal element (dangle)
–  1 Tree of Life small (dangle) ~ To me this doesn’t just represent the tree of life but also family roots. I have started my own family tree.
–  1 Silver flat oval link chain
–  1 30″ classic ball chain necklace
–  1 LG Silver locket with crystals
–  1 key (dangle)
–  1 Origami owl heart signature tag

The Living lockets are all about telling YOUR
story, whatever story that may be….your family story, life story, an event in your life, a hobby, your first child, a marriage, graduation, etc. You can see how these could be endless and I believe I found my perfect gift for family members/friends now. You can make these so personal and it shows that you really thought out the gift for a particular person. If you don’t like lockets (ackkk!) you can get the ball chain necklace and add tags and dangles to it to show your own personality. Or if you don’t like necklaces you can get the locket and make it into a key chain.


origami owl origami owlorigami owl

(This is the LG locket with crystals on it and charms inside. Now I can tell everyone I can fit my kids in a necklace.  See how easy it opens up for you to put the charms? )

origami owl origamiowl origami owl tags

So you’ve seen all the neat little dangles, charms and necklaces I got. Now a really neat thing about my locket is that I can wear it either with the crystals showing or just plain. I have posted both above so you can see what they look like. But just like it states, the living lockets can change with your mood/life. The one I have in the pictures show it with my 5 kids, however I can switch out the hearts with my computer charm and change the meaning. Or I could just purchase other charms to say my favorite 5 things or something like that. (currently they don’t have a frog or I’d be right on top of that.)

Want to tell your own story or buy an Origami Owl living locket for someone else? Head on over to Elizabeth Ferree’s Origami Owl page. I loved working with Michelle on this review, which would also be why I ended up joining under her team. Sorry but one note, my pictures don’t do the locket and tags justice. These are so much prettier in person.

Do you have a story you’d like to tell? I had a few as you can see. My kids was one but also my website, The Life of a Home Mom (computer with kids, family, etc). I can’t wait to hear your story.

UPDATE: I wanted to update this page, for those of you that may have read this back in June 2013 I wanted to say that I loved the jewelry so much that I now sell it. Yep, so if you’d like to follow my Origami Owl Page on Facebook please do or order through me. I am also available online for Facebook parties, which means you can host a party online and get the same rewards you would at a home party, only now you don’t have to make appetizers or clean your house. Just make sure you are online for an hour to talk about Origami Owl. Email me at with Origami Owl in the subject for orders or a party.

Disclosure: I was sent everything pictured above to conduct this review, I was not paid for this review. All opinions are mine as well as the pictures. Honestly I love the product and will be purchasing more in the near future. 

10 thoughts on “Origami Owl Jewelry Review

  1. Love this! Such a unique way to tell your life story using jewelry! I want one with my family’s birthstones now! 🙂 Thanks for letting us all know about them! Loved your review!

  2. Absolutely stunning locket! I love this company.

  3. So pretty! I really think they have a lovely product and it can be personalized in so many ways.

  4. I had no idea it was created by a teen. I love your necklace it is beautiful and meaningful. I would love to have of these for myself.

  5. Amberlee Cave says:

    I love this! I have been looking forever for a nice piece of jewelry that I can have my girls birthstones on/in and still have personality! I will have to look into this, I love all the charms on their website

  6. Man even the boxes are beautiful! What wonderful jewelery it would make the perfect gift for my mom and mother-in-law!

  7. What a pretty piece. Lovelly story about the teen entrepreneur also.

  8. Hi I would love to learn more about the origami and maybe become part of the team.


  9. Michelle Freatman says:

    Rebecca I would love to talk to your more about Origami Owl. It is a great opportunity!

  10. Ida G Meints says:

    I need to buy 5 of the pouches, please

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