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NIV Polar Exploration Adventure Bible for Kids

Disclosure: We were sent a copy of this book for review/giveaway. We hope you like it just as much as we have. 

Bible Stories and Childhood Memories

Did you ever have a beloved bible growing up? What did it look like? I can’t recall a children’s bible like that to be honest. I think we just all went to church and read the ones that were in the seats. But I remember always being fascinated by the one my grandmother had. Grandma was always reading her bible and had it all marked up but she also had notes that were in it that I loved to read.

Different types of Bibles:

When I became an adult and had my first child I knew he had to have his own bible. The best part was you could get them from board books (Babies 1st Bible), to picture book bibles, devotional bibles to a regular “adult-styled” bible. My kids have always loved different bibles as they grow. That’s one reason I love the NIV Children’s bibles, they come in all different styles that it always suits one of my kids.

Currently I have both boys asking me all types of things about bible stories and facts about the time period and let me be honest with you….I don’t know all the answers. The newest NIV Adventure Bible Polar Exploration edition helps with this though. This is a great bible for ages 8-10. I’d even go to 5-10 with some help reading of course.

NIV Adventure Bible: Polar Exploration Edition

Highlights:  Full-color images of polar animals, artic outposts, and icy landscapes throughout make learning about the Bible even more engaging. Ten Commandments for Kids has a picture of a man pulling a sled of huskies.

Life in Bible Times- articles and illustrations describe what life was really like in the ancient days. Learn about Solomon’s ships what type of embroidered sails they had, deck, etc. There is so much detail.

Words to Treasure: (My favorite part) Great bible verses to remember.

With over 9 million copies sold, the Adventure Bible brand is beloved by Christian schools, churches, and families alike. Now, the #1 Bible for kids, including all of its trusted essentials loved by parents, is available in an exciting polar exploration theme!

Ready for a frosty Adventure? Embark on a fun, exciting trek through God’s Word with the NIV Adventure Bible, now in an all-new polar exploration theme! Embark While on this arctic adventure, readers meet all types of people, see all sorts of places, and learn all kinds of facts about the Bible. And most importantly you’ll grow closer in your relationship with God.

Features of the NIV Adventure Bible, Polar Exploration Edition include:

The same trusted Adventure Bible content in a frosty new theme

Full-color images of polar animals, arctic outposts, and icy landscapes throughout make learning about the Bible even more engaging

Life in Bible Times—Articles and illustrations describe what life was like in ancient days

Words to Treasure—Highlights great verses to memorize

Did You Know?—Interesting facts help you understand God’s Word and the life of faith. Ex: How many good kings did Israel have? Answer is I Kings 16:30 but they go more in depth.

People in Bible Times—Articles offer close-up looks at amazing people of the Bible. My older daughter loved learning about the famous children of the bible.

Live It!—Hands-on activities help you apply biblical truths to your life. Laying awake at night and ways to finally fall asleep. I’m not revealing how but I absolutely loved the suggestions.

Twenty polar-themed pages focus on topics such as how to know you are a Christian, famous people of the Bible, highlights of the life of Jesus, and how to pray.

Book introductions feature arctic art and important information about each book of the Bible

Dictionary/concordance for looking up tricky words you may never have heard before. Color map section to help locate places in the Bible. Nicoli has already asked me where people lived and what country he was looking at. There’s even reading plans written out for your child. I love that the most.

Complete text of the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible and a thrilling new glacial cover on metallic paper

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