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Nicoli’s Birth Story

febpregAs ya’ll know I had to go get induced on April 27th, this would not be the first time being induced since I had to do it with Little A as well. However, as they say, each pregnancy (and birth) is totally different and I must say that part is very true. They broke my water around 9ish and expected he’d come right out since it had happened with each birth as soon as the water broke. Of course when judging by the this was not the order my inducement was suppose to go, course I went through the military base the last time and they were trying out new things. This time they started me on pitocin drip and within the hour broke my water, I was only a three when they checked. nicoli 011

Apparently I have a high threshold for pain, whenever they’d see I was having a contraction I’d say I was about a 3-5 on the pain scale. Now I realize I should’ve been about a 6 or 7 when they’d checked and asked. Since they figured I wouldn’t give birth for a while they asked if I’d like to sit in the rocking chair to help with the contractions. Something told me no but since they were convinced I wouldn’t go for a while it sounded great. Around 11:50 something my husband was asking my pain and I was saying oh somewhere between a 5-7 but I can deal with it. He kept telling me I needed to breathe through them but for me holding my breath was working for the minute they’d hit. I knew if I could make it through the contraction I’d be fine until the next. I nicoli 019hadn’t realized that he was coming down until I felt his head drop and I was literally having to hold him in.

Immediately I knew it was time and told my husband to call the nurse, only instead of pushing a button you have to call a 5 digit number. Try having an emergency and doing that, things get confused. He let her know and she came running but I wanted to push, everyone was telling me I couldn’t and now we had to figure out how to get me from the rocking chair and back on the bed without giving birth in midair. Thankfully the nurse and my husband were able to get me on the bed, I won’t say that was an easy task we were all worried about what could happen. She instructed him to go grab the delivery table and baby warmer, he was running back and forth and I was still trying not to push. That is NOT easy. The doctor didn’t make it, the nurse ended up delivering, once I knew there was no cord wrapped I stopped caring and it took two pushes. Won’t say I didn’t tear because I did but he was one of the easiest births as far as pain went. But he is definitely the last. His siblings love him to death and can’t get enough of him, each one can’t wait to get home from school so they can hold him. <3

nicoli 094

His stats:

Nicoli (Little Man)- born April 27 at 11:56 am
7lb 12.2 oz and 21.25 inches long

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  1. I am glad everything worked out right for you all. Although I must admit that I wish there was a video of your husband and nurse scrambling.

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