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My Weekend (cops involved)

How was your weekend? Mine has been pretty interesting and a bit busy, I mean with the cops at my door late last night. (read that post for more details.) Friday we treated ourselves to Bob Evans, which I’ll definitely be eating there again. Now I’m no meat eater, however I LOVE their meatloaf and I seem to be on that kick right now.

Yesterday and today we basically stayed home, this is nice as we haven’t done this in a long time. Instead we organized the house a bit more, unpacked a few more boxes. Heck check out the new kids’ toy room.

What kid wouldn’t want a room like this to play in? Oh and to help the older three out, I let them have my office for now, since I don’t have a desk yet. It was the only way I could see keeping Little A from attacking all their tiny toys.

I’ve always been working with my buddy, GarryConn, together we’ve built a site called, “Bitchingandblogging” yes I know there are curse words in it but this will be a place away from Homemom3 that I can basically vent without worrying about what words slip through my mouth. Please stop in and visit us, drop a message or a rant. Yes, even you can post your own rant, without worry about revealing your name.

In order to leave a rant just email your rant (with a title) to: AddYourRant@ and like I said it won’t reveal your name. To prove this check out one of my rants: Cell Phone Drivers

So what have you been up to this weekend?

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