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Military Packing Tips You’ll Want to Know

Is it time to Move? Here’s a few Moving Tips from Experience

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Military Life means Moving & Packing

Growing up military you’d think I’d know a lot about moving. Truth is we went from Ohio to California…I’ve been told we were in Colorado but don’t remember it. I didn’t move until my dad retired and we moved one town over. So imagine my surprise when I was told my hubby would get sent away and I’d have to move. I NEVER believed it, until a month before we were due to move. Eeeek! Since that first move we have moved all over the United States, we have had things lost, broke, stuck in storage, etc. I’m kind of becoming a professional at all this. There’s also a difference between you moving and having a company move you. Not to mention a difference when the military moves everything.

Someone asked me to write some packing tips. I figured I could’ve used them, time and time again so why not.

Packing tips:

– Make one box your “First night” box, this should include everything you need for that first night. Blankets, pillows, a change of clothes, a pot, dishes to eat off of, dishsoap, shampoo, soap, a few towels, etc.

– If you have something that can’t be replaced take it with you. I meant it TAKE IT WITH YOU. I had one box get lost, the one with all the baby things in it, you know those keepsakes that can’t be replaced. Ultra sound pics, video, baby book, etc . All gone.

– Let the military pack ya, they reimburse you for lost items or broken. No, I’ve never actually filed for it…too much paperwork hubby says. But if they do it it gets done FAST, where as asking 10 neighbors to help might not happen.  Maybe you can throw in a pizza or beverages to inspire them to help. Don’t have the military option allow a moving company to pack your stuff and make sure to get insured so if something does happen they give you money to compensate for it. (trust me, it happens)

– Know all the details on how to get your stuff and when you need to pick it up. You may want to look ahead of time to see if there is a storage area you can rent until you can unload everything.

– Try making a list for each box that way you know what’s in them. Something I’ve learned to keep a box per room. Pack up your room, label it MY Room, kids room, etc.

More as I can come up with them, this is just a quick list.

Next up, stories of moving. haha, this will be fun. Do you have any moving or packing tips? I’d love to hear them.

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