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Making Holiday Gift Baskets for the Teachers!

Get Creative with a Homemade Gift Basket

This week my kids all wanted to make something special for their teachers. I see no problem with that, but I didn’t want to simply go and buy a gift certificate to somewhere. I wanted to help them create something. The girls decided on little gift baskets for their teachers. Sweet right?

I’ll admit I had to try out the hot chocolate so this was a great opportunity and figured we could put some of those in the baskets as well. This is a beautiful gift plus it give the teacher quite a few different things. Candles! Candy Canes! Hot Chocolate, a mug, etc.

homemade gift baskets for teachers

I told the girls they had to picture in their head what they wanted to get:

Items for Gift Baskets

–  Candy Canes
–  mugs
–  hot cocoa
–  marshmallows

Those were just the beginning of their lists, they also had Santa, toys, music, etc. Once we got to the store we narrowed some things down and added others. In the end we felt we did some really good shopping, once at home the girls popped in a movie when daddy got home and the entire family watched “Back to the Future” and drank hot chocolate. We had to test the product before giving it to the teachers right? I mean we didn’t want to give them something bad. Everyone agreed it was good (well everyone but hubby but he is picky and like things super sweet).

gift baskets for teachers

How do you drink your hot chocolate? The girls and I came up with a bunch of ways.

Hot Chocolate Homemade Gift Baskets Might include:

-with marshmallows
-without marshmallows
-with a candy cane stirring stick
-with water
-with milk
-reddi wip
-sprinkled with cinnamon

Have you made a gift basket or something like this for a teacher/adult before?

2 thoughts on “Making Holiday Gift Baskets for the Teachers!

  1. Sandy Jenney says:

    You did a great job on those baskets!! Thanks for all the great ideas.

  2. Bruce Elliott says:

    This is a thoughtful post, thanks!

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