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Make a Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s time to indulge in all of those delicious food items. But you could be seeking for something a little more wholesome this year. Here are some pointers that I’ll use on Thanksgiving Day. GeoPalz has some fantastic ideas!

1. Snack sparingly throughout the day. Choose a healthy choice if the kids must eat something. Instead of high-calorie snacking, have a substantial meal. When the children are grazing at the buffet, it’s tough to keep track of how much they’re eating.

 2. Create colorful fruit salads and fruit-based desserts to satisfy your child’s sweet tooth in a healthy manner. Instead of white flour, use whole-wheat flour to make an apple or peach pie.

3. Fill their plate with half vegetables, a quarter potatoes, and the rest meat. Use normal or undersized portions to teach your kids portion control. Encourage them to fill their plates with nutritious and colorful meals.

4. Have fun and play games together! Promote playtime with fun and physical activities. Play a game of touch football, Frisbee, or kickball together. With younger kids, play hopscotch, jump rope, or tag.

A few other tips to a healthier Thanksgiving

5. Limit your portions and always have a baked sweet potato instead of a white one, as an alternative to pie or ice cream.

6. Enjoy your turkey meal with healthier sides such as fresh green beans or brussel sprouts, along with other vegetables that can be roasted in the oven.

7. Always have a glass of water along with your favorite adult beverage to cut down on the amount of alcoholic beverages that you’ll consume. You may want to decide not to have soda at the table and replace it with a juice or a flavored water.

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